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Category: Tuxedos
Address: 4321 Vogel Rd
Evansville, IN, United States
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Katie and Christian's Wedding
Evansville   |   September, 2009   |   Tuxedos

"I am unsure where to begin, other than to HIGHLY recommend that you NEVER do business with N-Tux. I am the father of the bride, and I am appalled and outraged at the total lack of customer service and the multitudes of "attitude" by employees at this location. Where do I start with the issues 1. The bride was hounded by this store for weeks to make sure that everyone came to get fitted at least four weeks ahead of time. OK, I can understand that, but we had out of town people in, and we were told the tuxes would be ready on Thursday (wedding is Saturday at 2 PM). Two people went to the store after 4 PM on Thursday (which is what the bride was told), and they were turned away without even a simple apology. They actually had the temerity to tell them "well, we do not give them out on Thursdays". The bride knows what she was told, since she WROTE IT DOWN! 2. When one of the ushers went on Friday to get the tux, he had to wait for almost 20 minutes for the first employee to even take notice of him and to make the first attempt to help. He told me he felt utterly ignored, and that the person who did help him had zero customer service skills. She finished the transaction very harshly when she indicated the return policy for the day after the wedding. 3. When I (father of bride) showed up, there had to be at least 12-15 people milling about (and not being helped) other than one person. My daughter (bride to be) met me there to express her displeasure with the way things had been handled, and to be honest the "handling" was non-existent other than I got my tux prior to the other 12-15 guys. 4. I was shown to a room with the tux to try on, and then pretty much left alone and ignored. There appeared to be two employees in the back, but neither of them made a move to help me and check the fit. Luckily I own a tux and wear a suit daily, so I looked in the mirror and was OK with the fit. I was in the back for over 15 minutes, and I was never approached and asked about the fit or assisted. 5. The tux shirt they gave was very sub-standard. I think it might have had a thread count of 3! I am 6' tall, and this shirt was designed for someone probably about 5'5" to maybe 5"9" at most. It was not a long as I had requested 6. I get to the wedding rehearsal, and I discovered that my daughter (bride) had given specific instructions that as father of the bride I was to be given a black tie. The grooms-men are wearing a dark chocolate brown tie, and I was given the same. So now I will have to get up and rush to the far side of town to get this changed. 7. When they rang up my purchase, the small lady behind the counter took $10 off since I did not have a vest in my selection. However, when my daughters step-dad went to ring out, she told him the $10 off was the "discount for the trouble". So which is it? If the $10 was a discount for all the trouble, I should have received the same $10 off 8. The step-father did not get a black tie either, so I am going to demand one when I go on Saturday morning. I have worn tuxes for numerous occasions, and the only reason I am not wearing my personal tux is because I wish to match the style of the wedding party. However, I plan to write a formal letter of complaint to the owner (Mr. Max Redmond), and I am also going to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. The service was shoddy, the shirt was poor quality, and the attitude of almost all the employees was below poor. I would not and will never set foot in this store again, and I would never recommend them for a tux. The was the worst tux rental I have ever endured."

Lauri and Craig's Wedding
Newburgh   |   May, 2008   |   Tuxedos

"My husband liked the owner when he first went in to inquire about tuxes, so we decided to rent through them. However, all interaction since then has been horrible. They do not return phone calls. We are still waiting on gifts we ordered with our store credit. The gifts were apparently shipped to the store, but we were never called so we did not pick them up. They then shipped the gifts back to the distributor, so we are waiting for them to be shipped to the store again. The tuxes were ok, but some details were missed like the pocket squares. Overall, I would not recommend them unless you want to deal with continual follow-up phone calls."

Katie and Christian's Wedding
Evansville   |   September, 2009   |   Tuxedos


N Tux

4321 Vogel Rd
Evansville, IN, United States

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