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Categories: Tuxedos, Rentals
Address: Peoria, IL, United States
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Richardson Wedding In August
Richardson   |   August, 2012   |   Tuxedos

Pamela and Leroy's Wedding
Saukville   |   August, 2012   |   Tuxedos

"Considering we had a groomsman that was out-of-state, Men's Wearhouse was a great choice because it has stores in other states. Other than an order-history glitch because of a name misspelled, all went well and the guys looked great!"

Joanna and JohnDavid's Wedding
Mesa   |   May, 2012   |   Tuxedos

"We used two different locations - one at Tempe Marketplace and one at Fiesta Mall. While I was very happy with the way the tuxes looked (the apple red was the perfect color), I do not recommend using Men's Wearhouse. They are way, way overpriced! You could buy a suit or two for the price of renting one. Also, my husband told me that the shoes were extremely uncomfortable. We found a more comfortable pair at Wal-Mart. Shop somewhere else & save your money."

Pasadena Wedding In April
Pasadena   |   April, 2012   |   Rentals

"I think that Men's Wearhouse is a pretty common tux rental location. They did a great job and we got exactly what we wanted from them. The only problem was that we tried to purchase Chuck Taylors through them for our groomsmen to wear in the ceremony but when we placed the order they said they no longer carried them in the color we wanted. It turned out to be a pain and not really their fault since Converse had discontinued the color."

Nichelle and Sean's Wedding
Cleveland   |   December, 2011   |   Tuxedos

"Great choices, not too badly priced."

C and J's Wedding
Youngstown   |   October, 2011   |   Tuxedos

"Suits were as promised. One groomsman had been deleted from the list by the vendor, but this was quickly fixed. All suits were well fitted."

Stephanie and Donnell's Wedding
San Francisco   |   October, 2011   |   Tuxedos


Katie and Mark's Wedding
Bourbonnais   |   October, 2011   |   Tuxedos

"Our chocolate brown tuxes were great..lots of compliments. Our best man and groom got free rentals too."

Our Wedding
Milwaukee   |   September, 2011   |   Tuxedos

"Very easy, especially if your groomsmen are spread across multiple cities or states. They have a large selection of tuxes and lots of options, plus a large selection of colors. The best part is that if you have 5 or more rentals, either the groom's tux is free or he gets a voucher for $400 towards a suit. We worked with the shop in Glendal, near Bayshore, and everyone was very friendly and very helpful."

Brooklyn Wedding In September
Brooklyn   |   September, 2011   |   Tuxedos

Logan and Kevin's Wedding
Greensboro   |   August, 2011   |   Tuxedos

"Super helpful! They made it easy! Not a single problem."

Sheena and Christopher 's Wedding
Cedar Rapids   |   August, 2011   |   Tuxedos

"The guys looked wonderful!!"

KALA and AARON's Wedding
Murfreesboro   |   August, 2011   |   Tuxedos

"Not entirely impressed with this company. The customer service wasn't the best and when some of the groomsmen and even the groom's tux did not fit properly and was not the correct size, they told us "it's the way it is and we can't do anything about it.""

ashley and Zach's Wedding
Bismarck   |   August, 2011   |   Tuxedos

Birmingham Wedding In July
Birmingham   |   July, 2011   |   Tuxedos

"Because I had 10+ tuxedo rentals Men's Wear House gave me a free tux rental, and A free suit up to $500 Dollar value (Calvin Klein)"

Chicago Wedding In July
Chicago   |   July, 2011   |   Tuxedos

"One of the pants came without a working zipper and they had no others of that style. They did find one that was pretty close though. Was happy to match bridesmaid colors from David's Bridal."

Jolene & Christopher's Wedding
Manchester   |   June, 2011   |   Tuxedos

Kimberly and Adam's Wedding
Columbus   |   May, 2011   |   Tuxedos

"Do NOT use Men's Wearhouse! They were rude during the meetings, fittings, and returning. Go somewhere..ANYWHERE else!"

Providence Wedding In May
Providence   |   May, 2011   |   Tuxedos

"The staff is very friendly and helpfull. We picked our tuxedo pretty quik because they knew exactly what we wanted."

Meaghan and Jason 's Wedding
Mesa   |   March, 2011   |   Tuxedos

"The tuxes looked great and fit all the guys. We had a last minute switch in our groomsmen group and they were very accommodating. I don’t know that they were the cheapest, but the guys looked great!"

Krista and Graham's Wedding
Plano   |   December, 2010   |   Tuxedos

"Quality product, ready early. Need to be sure your fitter knows what they are doing! Had a few fixes that needed to occur!"

Yvonne and Joshua's Wedding
Tallapoosa   |   December, 2010   |   Tuxedos

"The Men's Wearhouse in Douglasville is difficult to work with unless you want the classic wedding tuxedo. If you want your bridesmaids to wear a complementary color like red and your guys wear green, which looks good for a Christmas wedding...they will give you heck about how much you are going to regret not having everything match. I don't regret anything about our colors and I'm glad our wedding was unique. Anyhow, some of the tuxes were also too short in the pants, too tight in the jacket. I thought Men's Wearhouse would be easy to work with, but I wish I had used another tuxedo rental instead."

Susan and Robert's Wedding
Santa Barbara   |   December, 2010   |   Tuxedos

"Rob got his tux from the Men's warehouse and he looked great in it and so did the other guys in the wedding party (excpet one who decide to wear tenny shoes instead of the black ones because they hurt his feet he said)"

Beth and Eric's Wedding
Fallbrook, CA   |   October, 2010   |   Tuxedos

"Always helpful, reliable and good prices!"

Sabrina and Charles's Wedding
Spotsylvania   |   October, 2010   |   Tuxedos

"Love Mens Warehouse. Very affordable and the groom and groomsmen looked fabulous!!!!"

Megan and Spencer's Wedding
Portage   |   September, 2010   |   Tuxedos

"We had a good experience with Mens Warehouse. We did their rent 5 tuxedos, get a free suit offer. Also, a month after we booked with them, we got a coupon in the mail for a free plane ticket. I called their customer service & they honored it even though we had already booked our tuxedo rentals with them. Good customer service."

Our Wedding
Sandy   |   September, 2010   |   Tuxedos

"They do not know how to communicate with customers. Tux's were not fit properly. Some to short, some to big. I would not recommend them to anyone!"

Heather and Anthony's Wedding
Canton   |   July, 2010   |   Tuxedos

"No problems at all. Everything went very smoothly."

Shannon and Roy 's Wedding
Peoria   |   July, 2010   |   Tuxedos

"They work with Davids bridal, so we were able to get vests and ties that matched the girls dresses. It all looked so good together. They were easy to work with."

Tarnya and Shawn's Wedding
Pelham, NH   |   July, 2010   |   Tuxedos

veronica and darnell's Wedding
3120 S. 20 street phila,.pa 19145   |   July, 2010   |   Tuxedos

"My husband's shirt was to small they exchanged it within 5 min.when we got there. The service was great."

Lauren and Gabe's Wedding
Temecula   |   July, 2010   |   Tuxedos

"They did a great job the tuxes looked awesome even though a few of the guys did have to get alterations a few days before. My only problem with them is they never told us the price of the tuxes while we were picking them out. I guess this was partially our problem but it would have been nice for them to tell us then."

San Antonio Wedding In July
San Antonio   |   July, 2010   |   Tuxedos

"We went to multiple locations. Everyone was nice, but no one was able to give us all of the information we needed. Multiple people failed to ask the right questions and clarify details. Their records were not only wrong about the date of the wedding(until less than a month before the wedding, after we corrected them many times), they were also wrong about who had already gone in and paid. The week of the wedding, we found out that everything was currently being shipped to Austin instead of San Antonio, so we had to drive there 2 days before the wedding. They weren't clear about the groom having to come back in to get measured. After completely inconveniencing us with all of this, they wanted to charge us an extra late fee for not coming in sooner to get measured. I complained and at least they waived it. I would never go to any Men's Warehouse again. This is one bureaucracy that is too big for it's own good."

Easton Wedding In June
Easton   |   June, 2010   |   Tuxedos

Kaitlyn and Timothy's Wedding
Crozet   |   June, 2010   |   Tuxedos

"They are helpful, but like all chain stores, are not extraordinarily. Decent prices, decent associates - but nothing special."

Our Wedding
Bettendorf   |   June, 2010   |   Tuxedos

"Staff was easy to work with. Tuxes came in on time and any alterations that needed to be made were done immediately."

Chattanooga Wedding In March
Chattanooga   |   March, 2010   |   Tuxedos

"We used this company bc they are nation wide, and we had so many people coming from different parts of the globe, that this company made it easy for each other them to go to their local store and try on suits!"

Desiree and Bobby's Wedding
San Diego   |   September, 2009   |   Tuxedos

"At the begininng they made some mistakes but they totally came through in the end. My Uncle's tux got stolen out of his car the night before the wedding and they got him the exact tux together in a matter of hours."

Shelly and Brandon's Wedding
Westcliffe   |   September, 2009   |   Tuxedos

"The tuxes were rented out of Colorado Springs and they looked great. We just had a few mix-ups and they discontinued the jacket and didn't notify us until I asked why tux deposits weren't being applied...they said the cashiers didn't know what to do since the jacket couldn't be ordered."

Aimee and Eric's Wedding
Woodbury   |   September, 2009   |   Tuxedos

"The tuxes looked great, but the day before my wedding, they told me that one of the guys hadn't paid (when they had). It caused much un-needed stress on me. An hour later, it was resolved."

Our Wedding
Saint Joseph   |   August, 2009   |   Tuxedos

"My husband thought this worked out wonderfully and his tux was free which made us both happy!"

Silvis Wedding In May
Silvis, IL   |   May, 2007   |   Tuxedos

"They were great, we only had a few mishaps. My father-in-law's suit was super big. They adjusted it."

Our Wedding
Hydranga Blu Barn 5716 11 Mile Rd NE Rockford MI, 49341   |   July, 2016   |   Tuxedos

Carrie and David's Wedding
Escondido   |   July, 2012   |   Tuxedos

Montgomery Wedding In June
Montgomery   |   June, 2012   |   Tuxedos

Midland Wedding In April
Midland   |   April, 2012   |   Tuxedos

Austin Wedding In February
Austin   |   February, 2012   |   Tuxedos

Ashley and Vince's Wedding
Waco   |   January, 2012   |   Tuxedos

Los Angeles Wedding In October
Los Angeles, CA   |   October, 2011   |   Tuxedos

Heather & Jessie's Wedding
North Miami   |   October, 2011   |   Tuxedos

Katie and Bob's Wedding
Philadelphia   |   October, 2011   |   Tuxedos

Rochester Hills Wedding In July
Rochester Hills   |   July, 2011   |   Tuxedos

Nicole and Nick's Wedding
Tampa   |   July, 2011   |   Tuxedos

Jeff and Debbie's Wedding
Franklin   |   June, 2011   |   Tuxedos

Kasmin and Matthew's Wedding
Allegan   |   May, 2011   |   Tuxedos

Tonya and David 's Wedding
New Orleans   |   May, 2011   |   Tuxedos

Cortney and Randy's Wedding
Naples   |   December, 2010   |   Tuxedos

Ladson Wedding In November
Ladson   |   November, 2010   |   Tuxedos

Our Wedding
Vernon   |   October, 2010   |   Tuxedos

Sacramento Wedding In September
Sacramento   |   September, 2010   |   Tuxedos

Monica and Dave's Wedding
Orlando   |   August, 2010   |   Tuxedos

Chapa & Malzacher Wedding
Jacksonville Beach   |   May, 2010   |   Tuxedos

Wedding for Bridal Party
Davenport   |   June, 2009   |   Men's Warehouse


Men's Wearhouse

Peoria, IL, United States

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