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Categories: Decorations, Rentals
Address: 230 Reid Ave
Port St Joe, FL, United States
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nicole and Gallagher's Wedding
Tallahassee   |   May, 2015   |   Decorations

"Looking back, I really wish I had listened to other people’s warnings about Panache; however, I felt at the time that I didn’t have many options and so I decided to take a chance. I hope that you take this warning seriously, and that I can save at least ONE bride/groom from making the same mistake I did. YOU HAVE OTHER OPTIONS, trust me!! Your wedding is one of the most special days in your ENTIRE life. During the time that I should have been relaxing and enjoying the company of friends and family as they were arriving into town for the wedding, instead I spent most of that time anxious, sad, and angry. Firstly, Panache’s communication with us was good until we signed their contract. Then it completely dropped off. They also required us to pay the full amount before the wedding, which I wonder now if it was intentional due to the many disgruntled consumers. I had to send emails and call several times, before I could get a response. They were not apologetic about this either. Secondly, they refuse to take accountability for their poor service and have even tried to put the blame on us. Out chairs and settings were to be delivered the Wednesday before the wedding, and we spent most of Thursday and Friday trying to track down the truck with the rentals. They actually told us at one point that they had no idea what happened to the truck and couldn’t account for its location. When the stuff did arrive late Friday afternoon, the plates, silverware, and chairs were dirty. It appeared as if the chairs had come directly from a previous beach wedding and were covered in sand. THEN…they brought us only half of the chairs on Friday and the other half arrived hours prior to the reception and THEY DID NOT MATCH THE OTHER HALF!!!! After our wedding, I couldn’t believe it and expected so much more from them in terms of at least an apology. NOPE. I had to call and email several times until I even got the owner on the phone. The owner, Rich, is a real jerk. The first thing he said was, “I was expecting a call from you…” Well, if so, why didn’t you try reaching out to us?! That just seems like the most appropriate thing for a business to do. He did say he was sorry and gave me a ton of excuses. Then reassured me that we would reach some sort of compromise because I did ask for the money back for the chairs. He never called back. When I called two weeks later, one of his employees literally HUNG UP the phone and then he emailed me to tell me THAT IT WAS OUR FAULT for not letting them know the night before the wedding that the chairs and settings were dirty. Number one, my fiancé did call and left a voicemail with the lady we’d been working with (but apparently she wasn’t the person ‘we should have called’) and Number two, after the whole scare of not knowing when the stuff would arrive, the last thing we wanted to do was try to see if they’d bring more chairs since we literally had a little over 12 hours till the reception started. WHATEVER YOU DO, look into the several others options available! If you look under Better Business Bureau, there are several complaints very similar to mine. This is definitely not an isolated incident."

Jessie and Marty's Beach Wedding
Mexico Beach   |   September, 2009   |   Rentals

"Panache was timely and organized in their setup. I recommend them totally-- a little pricey but they did a great job."

Craig and Kimberly's Turtle Beach Wedding
Indian Pass, Florida   |   September, 2008   |   Decorations

"Panache was really helpful with planning our wedding. We had them take care of all our decorations; (minus the table settings), chairs, linens, dishware, ceremony chairs, tables, silverware, etc. It was great to have a company to work with that did basically everything and I didn't have to worry. The only complaint I have is that when we originally met with them and setup our contract we met and had been working with Elizabeth, we worked with her for a while, emailing back and forth the details, and then suddenly I started receiving emails from someone else, this was okay but some of the communication was a little messed up and we had some snafus with our linens, which they ended up taking care of a few days before the wedding, so everything turned out fine for our big day."

nicole and Gallagher's Wedding
Tallahassee   |   May, 2015   |   Decorations

Sara Beth and Chip's Wedding
Seagrove Beach   |   November, 2009   |   Rentals


Panache Tent and Event

230 Reid Ave
Port St Joe, FL, United States

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