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Category: Wedding Fashion
Address: Clearwater, FL, United States
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Kelly and Marsid's Wedding
Clearwater   |   October, 2014   |   Wedding Fashion

"I don't think Wendy ever cared for me much. From the moment I started working with her, Wendy was somewhat crusty and short with me. I admit that I am a perfectionist, but for goodness sakes I paid a lot of $$$ for my dress! I was set up with Wendy through The White Closet Bridal. I felt that from the beginning, Wendy did not care to spend much time with me or my complicated dress. I always seemed to be the last appointment of the day and she was always tired and cranky. I felt very nervous telling her the truth and sticking up for myself and when I did speak up about my concerns I was usually shot down. I had very expensive special straps for my dress and Wendy told me that since I didn't want to have my straps cut to fit, she would need to secure them to my dress with these bra hook things. During my second to last fitting, the hooks were showing on two of the sides and I asked her to fix all of them to make them even. She roughly told me that it could not be more symmetrical, that she could only fix the two that were showing. I went to pick up my dress at her house the week of my wedding. I brought my now sister in law so that I could try the dress on one last time. Wendy told me "you don't have to try it on." Me being a pushover, took her word that my dress would be ok. She showed me that she had added extra snap reinforcements inside the dress on all four straps (even though she had told me before that she couldn't fix them.) I left her house feeling uneasy, but thought maybe I'll try it on at home one last time to make sure. Sure enough I ran out of time to try the dress on before my big day. When I put my dress on the day of, I freaked out. The stupid bra hooks were still showing in the front of the dress!!! Luckily my mom had a sewing kit that she could quick stitch to try and hold things together for my first look and detail shots. But all that fuss put us behind for the rest of the wedding :( don't get me wrong. Wendy did a beautiful job on my bustle and she allowed me to come to her house additional times because I was unsure of my hem length. Everyone said my dress was gorgeous and that they couldn't tell that anything was wrong with my straps. However, that should not have mattered. I should have felt comfortable telling her my thoughts and concerns without feeling scared or nervous. I just wish I had tried the dress on one last time and not listened :( lesson to you brides, do what makes you feel comfortable and don't let anyone push you around!"

Teresa and Michael 's Wedding
Clearwater   |   March, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

"Wendy did a great job on my dress. She really made it fit so perfectly and comfortably. I didn't want to take my dress off ever! I loved my bustle she put in! Contact her by phone not email."

Laurel and Christopher's Wedding
Nassau   |   January, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

"She did a great job and was very affordable! Clearwater, Florida 727-459-5163"

Kim and Matt's Wedding
St. Petersburg   |   February, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion


Alterations by Wendy

Clearwater, FL, United States