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M&M COFFEE SHOP (HALF JEWISH, HALF CHINESE) < this is my business >

Category: Restaurants
Address: 309 Trumbull Street
Hartford, CT, United States
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Hartford Wedding In May
Hartford   |   May, 2010   |   Restaurant

"M&M Coffee Shop, the old "morty & ming's Morty & Ming's is where Chinatown meets the Carnegie Deli, with two distinct culinary notions skillfully coexisting as Chinese and Jewish Deli food are combined to entice and satisfy. Featuring a sleek, modern dining room with a full service fountain counter Morty & Ming's is an urban dining hangout and the perfect place to stop for a comforting bowl of soup, a piece of pie and coffee, or for a more formal sit-down lunch or dinner. With a friendly wine list and full bar service, if you're looking to indulge in something different...all on the same menu...at the same restaurant, then Morty & Ming's is a must visit destination in Hartford. Hilton may have taken it over to just a coffee shop breakfast place that's open all day and serves good food. Who knows."


m&m coffee shop (half jewish, half chinese)

309 Trumbull Street
Hartford, CT, United States

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