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Bella Pictures offers award-winning photojournalists and a simplified, no-guesswork approach to wedding photography. Bella is now offering a unique brand of wedding videography to completely document your day.

To provide exceptional photography and innovative videography that matches your style and your budget. To EARN your trust with transparent pricing, responsive service, and professionals of the highest caliber.


  • Certified Bella Photographers

  • Coverage tailored to your wedding

  • Unlimited photography

  • All high-resolution images on DVD

  • Archival quality prints

  • Wide selection of professionally-designed albums

  • Digital retouching services

  • Engagement/Bridal sessions

  • DVD wedding montage

  • Wedding Videography

Category: Photographers
Address: 114 Sansome St
San Francisco, CA 94104
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30 reviews
38 weddings

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Pittsburgh Wedding In August
Pittsburgh   |   August, 2012   |   Photographers

"Bella was great to work with and easy. They connected us with Paul Sinnett who was our photographer and he was great!"

Massachusetts Wedding In November
Massachusetts   |   November, 2011   |   Photographers

"They worked with my budget and needs. They were true to their word."

Homer Glen Wedding In August
Homer Glen   |   August, 2011   |   Photographers

Chris Heffling and Cara Brammer Wedding
Eagan   |   July, 2011   |   Photographers

"We were very pleased with the process Bella Pictures has you go through--especially the "meet and greet" with our photographer ahead of time. The pictures turned out great. Our only "issue" with them is that we have yet to receive the "Our Story" photos that came with our package (6 months later). Otherwise, no complaints. LOVE our photos."

Steven & Caroline's Wedding
Orland Park   |   September, 2010   |   Photographers

"They choose a photographer for you based on how you rate various pictures. From there they see what style you like & pair you up with a phtographer. We highly recommend our wedding photographer, Irene, who did an excellent job!! On the other hand, our engagement photographer, Andrew, didn't take very good pictures(my clothing strap was showing in most pics). Our engagment pics were complimentary. He seemed like he was rushing, not very friendly. They are pricey, but in seeing the finished product(wedding pics)...it was worth it. We also got all rights & a DVD to print our own photos. They also have video services, but pricey also. They do keep you informed during the whole process."

Laura and Michael's Wedding
Oxon Hill, MD   |   July, 2010   |   Photographers

"Most of the pictures turned out great, but I was a little disappointed with some of the way certain pictures turned out. He also didn't do all the pictures that I wanted him to do. I told him to take pictures of the groom and groomsmen before the ceremony, and that didn't happen so that was one other thing we had to do in between the ceremony and reception. He also didn't get pictures of me and my mom together. very frustrating."

Richmond Wedding In June
Richmond   |   June, 2010   |   Photographers

"The photographer that they sent us showed up 45min late and left on time. He missed all the getting ready shots so when he finally got there we had 5 minutes to reenact as much stuff as we could. Although he did get a lot of good shots of our wedding there was nothing great, most of my favorite pictures were the ones that I asked him to take. Since we had an outside ceremony I wish that he would have paid more attention to detail and not gotten so many shots with cars in the background. I would have also of liked to have some shots showing the full view of the site, everything was a close-up he missed out on capturing the essence of the location. When they had asked me what shots were my must haves I didn’t realize that grooms parents weren’t a given. On the plus side Bella had our pictures up on the website by the time we got back from our honeymoon and we received the cds about another week after that. Bella was also very apologetic about the photographer and refunded us for the hour he missed."

Angelina and Michael's Wedding
Norfolk   |   October, 2009   |   Photographers

"Although our actual photographer was Bryan Myhr, he was contracted through a company called Bella Photography. Bella Photography is great and much less expensive for the same service (we used them for videography too). They are really on top of their stuff."

Aubrey and Justin's Wedding
Baltimore   |   September, 2009   |   Photographers

"Bella made the process very easy and took a lot of weight off my shoulders. I'm so happy we decided to use them. They matched us with the most amazing photographer. I'm in the process of making our wedding album now and I couldn't be happier with it. I can't wait to finally receive it!"

Michael and Carina's Wedding
Boston   |   September, 2009   |   Photographers

"This is a major vendor in its category but they have packages that work with your budget. You get the rights to all of your pictures in high resolution images. They don't try to push you or your guests into purchasing individual pictures. I especially liked their screening test to find out the style of photography you'd like best. Then you're matched with a photographer that does that style best. The photographer is extremely professional and unintrusive. The final results were fantastic."

Germantown Wedding In August
Germantown   |   August, 2009   |   Photographers

"They were awesome!! Such nice people to work with! We would use them again!"

Mallory and Adam's Wedding
Minneapolis   |   June, 2009   |   Photographers

"They are a national photography group that has local photographers under its umbrella. They have the best packages (and monthly deals) out of all the individual photographers I had looked through. After signing up for a package (which you can add to at any time) you go through a bunch of pictures and rate them which helps give Bella an idea of your "style", which they then use to assign you a photographer. We did not particularly like who did our engagement photos, but really liked our wedding photographers (booked 2). You get to meet with the lead photographer beforehand (or just email) so they get a better idea of what you are specifically looking for. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A LIST OF PHOTOS YOU WANT, no matter who you book. Somehow we did not end up with a photo of the bride and her mom!"

Jeanette and Joshua 's Wedding
Troy   |   June, 2009   |   Photographers

"Our pictures turned out terrible--nothing like the sample photos we were shown. It was incredibly disappointing! The pictures were either over-exposed with too much flash or off-centered. They also were not posed, i.e. family pictures, and heads were cut off or not visible. Terrible!!!!!!"

Minneapolis Wedding In May
Minneapolis   |   May, 2009   |   Photographers

"We had a WONDERFUL lead photographer assigned to us, wasn't so happy with the associate, wasn't really worth the extra money. But, the lead photog did a fantastic job, Bella does a good job pairing you up with someone who matches your style."

Marjie & Ethan's Wedding
Burlingame   |   April, 2009   |   Photographers

"the photographer they matched us with was great and fabulous and would receive 5 stars on his own, but the company has been a little difficult. i honestly wished i did more research. bella takes a lot of work and if you can't work on them to get what you're looking for, i recommend looking elsewhere."

Jessica and Matthew 's Wedding
Plymouth   |   April, 2009   |   Photographers

"The price is a bit much, but well worth every penny! The process allows for you to rest easy knowing you will have a great photographer and excellent pictures! They also help you design your wedding album, so that it will get done within the year...and not 5 years later."

Jenn and Will's Wedding
Jacksonville   |   April, 2009   |   Photographers

"They match you with the perfect photographer for your event and we loved everything about them - great service, great photos, professional and caring staff - it all makes you relax about one of the biggest elements of your wedding day."

Nicole and Mark's Wedding
Lawrenceville   |   March, 2009   |   Photographers

"BRIDES BEWARE!!! One star is TOO high of a rating. If my husband and I had our wedding day to do over the ONLY thing we would change would be the photography. They were very helpful when it came time to take my deposit, after that I it was very difficulty to get any answers from the company. Leading up to the time of our wedding I always had to make contacts with my coordinator and had to wait several days for a reply, typically via email. I never received a phone call in response. Worse than the service was our photographer. I honestly believe it was his first day as a photographer. He had over 2 hours to complete portraits and I still did not get half the pictures I wanted and I only had a wedding party of 6, including myself and my husband. The photographer had absolutely no innovative ideas and asked several times what exactly was I looking for, I eventually told him a photographer who knew how to do the job he was hired for and I did not see him again until after the ceremony, which there are only pictures of our backs for the ceremony. He missed critical parts of the ceremony as well as the reception. After waiting over a month for pictures to be posted online, I was even more disappointed to discover that the photographer could not frame a shot. Every single shot was off center with exit signs, trash cans and bystanders in the background. Creating the album was a hassle as well and again when I attempted to reach my consultant I never received a phone call in return to address my concerns. Now I have FINALLY received our album we are completely disappointed. Overall, we are completely disappointed with the entire experience. This is a really abridged version of the events, but I hope is that couples in the future will at least know how disappointed we are."

Tracey and Daniel's Wedding
Grand Rapids   |   February, 2009   |   Photographers

"Pictures turned out great and we got full rights to them. Only issue was I had to tell the photographer was group pics I wanted at the church. Just wished he was more in control and would tell us what to do. Instead he would turn to me and ask what was next. Just a little stressful to deal with on the big day."

Eilis and Mike 's Wedding
New Rochelle   |   December, 2008   |   Photographers

"We were lucky enough to get a local NY photographer Harrison Gould! Harrison was great and we really enjoyed the time he spent with us. His website is www.imagesbyharrison.com and again we highly reccommend him."

Seattle Wedding In November
Seattle   |   November, 2008   |   Photographers

"This is a national company that matches you with a photographer whose style matches yours. Our photographer was super, his name is Steve Smith. His personal website is http://www.eye4weddings.com/"

Lucia and Blair 's Wedding
Baltimore   |   October, 2008   |   Photographers

"Nationwide photography company, worked with consultant locally who worked with us to determine the right package of photos/albums and then used their website to rate pictures and determine the style of photography we wanted. They matched us with a local photographer who we were in contact with 4-5 times before the wedding. Pictures were amazing!!"

Alex and Kelly's Wedding
Atlanta   |   October, 2008   |   Photographers

"jennifer was our contact and she was great to work with. They provided everything in a timely manner and allowed us a lot of input into our photography. Nima was the lead photographer at our wedding and he captured perfect pictures. Best of all, our 3,000 proofs were sent to us on DVDs within 3 weeks of the wedding."

Elmhurst Wedding In September
Elmhurst   |   September, 2008   |   Photographers

"We had two great photographers! Robb and Ian captured every moment possible. What more could we ask for. Our consultants have been nothing but great! They were with us every step of the way and are still helping us as we create our wedding album. It has been a great experience!"

Karen and Duncan's Wedding
Fort Lauderdale   |   September, 2008   |   Photographers

"They are the best. They only do photojournalism type photographs and therefore do not have a studio. The company is located in CA. They train and hire photograhers to take pictures the "bella" way. They find a local photographer who works for Bella. They take photos for Oprah and Tony Parker wedding to Eva Longario. The color in the pictures is amazing - nothing like anything we saw when shopping around. We were told that we would have paid 3x the price for the same quality with a local photographer."

Jeremy and Dawn 's Wedding
Lindstrom   |   August, 2008   |   Photographers

"Difficult to work with. The whole thing made us nervous."

Bayville Wedding In August
Bayville   |   August, 2008   |   Photographers

LaCrista and Nicolas's Wedding
Los Angeles   |   August, 2008   |   Photographers

"Rustin Cerveny was our wedding day photographer and was great o shoot with. He was very professional and took gorgeous pictures. Maybe would have liked a little more direction to get creative pics, but the ones we got are GREAT!!!"

Chicago Wedding In August
Chicago   |   August, 2008   |   Photographers

"We were really happy with our photographers at Bella. They did an outatanding job of getting the shots we wanted without being intrusive. Most of the time, I did not even know they were there until I saw the great shots they got of our day. We were very happy that we were able to share our photos on line and we own all the rights so that there is no "hidden fees"."

Christina and Matt's Wedding
Issaquah   |   June, 2008   |   Photographers

"I can't even tell you how horrible my experience with Bella Pictures has been. It took six months to get 3 drafts of my albums. It took another 6 months and MANY MANY LOST EMAILS AND PHONE CALLS TO MANAGEMENT to finally get my final copies in hand. It is NOT worth the money, and to top it off, even though my albums passed quality control, there is an OBVIOUS lazy mistake made by the designer. Instead of deleting a photo I wanted changed, they just put two photos over it, and so you cna see inbetween them a sliver from the old photo! They are such a pain to deal with I'm not even going to bother to get a correction because I know I wouldn't see another album for 6 months to a year. I was married in June of 2008, and it's july 2009, and I just got my albums. DO NOT USE BELLA PICTURES. THEY ARE NOT WORTH THE MONEY!"

Crown Point Wedding In June
Crown Point   |   June, 2008   |   Photographers

"Great to work with, professional, and the end product was amazing. Highly recommend them."

Geoff and Merri's Wedding
Plymouth   |   April, 2008   |   Photographers

"Yup, I used the online, mass photography service. It was great. The photos are amazing, and I got a great deal. Only problem was, that without meeting the photographer, it was hard to communicate that I wanted certain shots with certain people."

Amy and Andy's Wedding
Wooster, Ohio   |   December, 2007   |   Photographers

Oswego Wedding In June
Oswego   |   June, 2007   |   Photographers

Dearborn Wedding In June
Dearborn   |   June, 2010   |   Photographers

Our Wedding
Kenosha   |   September, 2009   |   Photographers

Pittsburgh Wedding In July
Pittsburgh   |   July, 2009   |   Photographers

Mystic Wedding In July
Mystic   |   July, 2009   |   Photographers


Bella Pictures

114 Sansome St
San Francisco, CA 94104

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