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Angela Tam is a highly sought after makeup artist and hair designer for Weddings. Angela Tam has designed for thousands of brides in all ages, nationalities and skin types in her 15 years of experience. Highly desired asian makeup artist & indian wedding makeup artist.

We believe in creating exceptional beauty experiences. Our beauty experts, have earned a reputation for their talents and warm professionalism. We are committed to make your day the most exquisite experience at Your Location in southern california for a single appointment to large wedding / event groups.

Angela Tam Beauty Atelier & Angela and Cedric Photography (wedding & event photographers) are the ultimate boutiques for your events. We will Customize a Wedding Package for your special day. Beloved Sparkles boutique (crystal hair accessories, jewelry and favors).

Categories: Wedding Day Beauty, Photographers
Address: On-Location Serving Southern California
Pasadena, CA 91101, US
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Hope and John's Wedding
Burbank   |   October, 2011   |   Wedding Day Beauty

"Angelina and her staff were amazing and truly wonderful to work with. From the moment we met at the trial I knew she’d do a fabulous job beautifying me and my girls. She was responsive and flexible to my ever changing contract. On the day of our wedding she showed up earlier than anticipated with two assistants, and was ready to go in no time. I arranged for my five bridesmaids, my mom, mother-in-law, and our Officiant (who was a dear friend), as well as myself, to be done up. Each beautician took their time to really perfect everyone’s hair and make-up. When something was a little off, everyone was more than willing to jump in to make the necessary changes. They didn’t pack up until I had given the final ok on everyone’s look and despite the large bridal party, we finished early and in perfect timing for pictures. All day long people came up to me and expressed how fabulous my hair and make-up looked and the girls agreed. Looking over some of the pictures, I’m so glad I went with Angelina; she did an amazing job and everyone looked fabulous! She was a true pleasure to work with and she did a fabulous job. Even my mom was happy, and she’s a tough cookie to please."

lori and kfed's Wedding
Los Angeles   |   March, 2010   |   Wedding Day Beauty

"BEWARE: Some reviews on this makeup artist were completely FABRICATED in the past! My friend's identity and wedding pictures were used in fabricating one of the many false positive reviews about Angelina Tam. Her services were disappointing on so many levels! I would NOT recommend Angelina to anyone. I booked Angelina for bridal makeup and she showed up to the appointment without her makeup products! How embarrassing! How can a makeup artist not bring her makeup kit? It's like a caterer showing up at the wedding reception without food to serve. Would you want that to happen to you? I truly feel that I have been misled by other reviewers on a different website(projectwedding), because she is certainly not what others have been describing her to be. In fact, some of these reviews were FAKE! Unfortunately, I didn't figure this out until after my meeting with Angelina. After I provided her with a signed a contract, payment and detailed instructions about my bridal makeup look, she somehow thought that I didn't need my makeup done that day. If you can imagine, I was appalled, shocked and very disappointed. She basically lost all credibility as a professional makeup artist at that point. Clearly, she's unorganized and doesn't pay attention to the client. She sought payment and just didn't deliver in the end. Because of this catastrophe, she had to leave the location and fetch her makeup kit. She started an hour late and, in the end, I was two hours behind schedule! To be fair, I will let you know what her strong points are as well as her weaknesses: Pros: -I have to admit, she is very friendly and amiable and has a great sense of humor -Gentle during the makeup application -Hygienic for the most part (I noticed some double dipping with the mascara wand though, yuck!). -chose nice makeup colors -excellent eye lash choice Cons: -Does not follow the appointment time in the contract (made me late that day) -Unorganized (didn't show up with her makeup kit) -Does not pay attention to detail (more about this below) -Does not listen to your needs and wants (more about this below) -Will not follow your instructions about the way you want your makeup done. She will do what she thinks looks best on you, not what you think will look best on you. This is only okay if you happen to be a bride who's absolutely clueless about makeup. Her makeup artistry: -she doesn't use concealer, even if you need it. I've got dark under eye circles and a lot of blemishes, and I wanted those areas to be concealed so that I could have flawless skin for my wedding day, but she refused to use the concealer. Apparently it was too heavy looking on a previous client. Angelina needs to know that every bride is different and everyone has different needs. -she doesn't blend eye shadow very well -eyebrows and eyes did not look symmetrical at the finished look -she didn't clean up the eye shadow fallout on my cheeks and nose very well. So, the upper areas of my cheeks ended up brown! Dabbing the fallout with a foundation sponge smears the color; it doesn't remove it. I honestly think that she may not have very good vision. You must be nearly blind to not be able to recognize all the brown eyeshadow that fell on my nose and cheeks. -lip stick application looked clumpy -very poor foundation application with the sponge applicator. She dabbed the foundation instead of blended it. Laura Mercier makes some of the best foundations in the market, and she was unable to work with it. -clumpy mascara application -the grey colored glue for eye lash application was a poor choice. The clear duo is a far better choice. Details about my experience with her: -I wrote her very detailed instructions in link that was provided in an email I sent her, and she did not read ANY of my instructions. It was apparent to me, because she showed up at the appointment without a clue about what look I wanted, nor what products I'd like her to use on me. The only thing she will commit to memory is what you tell her on the phone, and she isn't even good with that task. -I asked her specifically not to put a light colored shimmer under my eyebrows and she went ahead and put MAC mylar on, which has shimmer! -I told her it was okay to remove the hair fuzz around my eyebrows, but she ended shaping them, which I specifically told her not to do. -I wanted her to use my face primer and my translucent powder, which she did NOT do! -I told her I needed defined cheekbones, but her idea of heavy contouring made me look like I got a huge bruise on the side of my face. I looked like I got punched!"

Laaryn and T's Wedding
Malibu   |   October, 2009   |   Wedding Day Beauty

"Angelina is awesome. She is very professional and accommodating. I love the look that she gave me. My wedding dress was very simple and elegant and the job she did complemented it flawlessly. I was going for a 40's kind of look with a bird cage veil and she helped me pull it off perfectly. Angelina has a great attitude, and I appreciate that she always responded to her emails promptly and communicating with her was effortless. Thanks, Angelina!"

Our Wedding
Los Angeles   |   September, 2009   |   Wedding Day Beauty

"I just wanted to write and say how much I loved my hair and makeup and working with you. All my girls just loved the job that you and your assistant did (my sister even liked her makeup better at my wedding than at her own - your assistant did her makeup). I was so happy with my overall look - it was exactly what I wanted!! Thank you for doing such a great job!"

Porsche and Luka's Wedding
Pasadena   |   April, 2008   |   Wedding Day Beauty

"Angelina is the best!! Her team was incredibly professional, punctual and we all loved her work. They listens to what kind of style we are looking for and gives us the exact looks. Very accomodating....my mother decided at the last minute that she too wanted her makeup and hair done, Angelina scheduled our service to start slightly earlier to service everyone. My style was created on the Trial Session appointment, which we spoke of my prefer styles and than Angelina create better to suit my features. I am just so satified w/ the style she had created for me for my wedding. I have now requested for her services 3 times for other events of mine. I highly recommended Angelina to all of you brides whom are looking for an awesome makeup artist."

Our Wedding
Newport, CA, USA   |   February, 2008   |   Wedding Day Beauty

"Just had my wedding in Feb., and so glad that I was able to reserve Angelina as my Aritst. She was so detail and so accomodating to me and all my bridesmaid and families. We had 2 trial sessions prior, due to my mind changing of the hair styles...she was able to perfect all of them to the exact request. On the day of the event, Angelia had arrived 7:00am, and she and her assistant started woking on all of the 8 bridesmaids and my families. My nerve was starting to set in when the time got closer, but Angelina was able to comform me and made me relax a bit. When complete, my entire wedding party and family was to happy w/ their look...I was so right to make the choice Angelina. For any brides looking for a fantistic Artist, reserve Angelia for your event, you will be in good hands."

Tina and Damon's Wedding
Los Angeles   |   January, 2008   |   Wedding Day Beauty

"I had to most perfect wedding styles due to Angelina's creativeness. During the course of my wedding, we had created 4 changes of hair each was specifically for a differnt dress. This is extremely popular w/ Aisan Wedding, which we had since my husband is cantonese. Every one of the styles was perfected to the slightless details, which showed on the pictures. I am still so thankful to Angelina for making my biggest day my most beautiful day. I highly recomment Angelina to all the brides."

Hope and John's Wedding
Burbank   |   October, 2011   |   Wedding Day Beauty



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On-Location Serving Southern California
Pasadena, CA 91101, US