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Category: Caterers
Address: Laguna Beach, CA, USA
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Trina and Sota's Wedding
Laguna Beach   |   August, 2009   |   Caterers

"The wedding was absolutely beautiful and a dream come true. Priscilla owns the company I think. She was great planning the whole event with us except for a couple of things...she double booked us in the beginning and didnt tell us for a couple months after and it was too long a story to tell you, she forgot to set up my alter on the deck and had all my guests sitting on the deck in the super hot august sun and the band already playing waiting for us to begin while it was getting set up, lastly a friend of mine who was kinda like our MC (hes the GM of mastros beverly hills so it was perfect job that he offered to help with) had to tell Priscilla to leave because she was too drunk and he saw her stumbling around. Luckily the last two things I had no idea happened until after the wedding!"


At your Service Catering

Laguna Beach, CA, USA