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Categories: Tuxedos, Wedding Fashion
Address: Chico, CA, United States
30 ratings
21 reviews
37 weddings

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Eliza and Devin's Wedding
Haymarket   |   June, 2012   |   Wedding Fashion

amanda and justin's Wedding
Orange Park   |   October, 2011   |   Wedding Fashion

Heather and Eric's Wedding
Ocala   |   October, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

"Men's Wearhouse took care of the tuxes. The men could each pick up their tux at the location of their choice and return it the following day to any location."

Lansdale Wedding In September
Lansdale   |   September, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

"Since they are associated with davids bridal I went here to get a match on the vest & dresses. Unfortunately one of the only colors that isnt an exact match was mine. Customer service was ok but not great... only one girl was helpful in actually helping with our problem. Tuxes looked great though!! :) North wales location"

Beth and David's Wedding
Joliet   |   August, 2010   |   Tuxedos

Samantha and Brian's Wedding
Dunsmuir, CA   |   July, 2010   |   Tuxedos

"It's Men's Wearhouse. They rented us a suit. It was a good suit. Pickup and dropoff was quick and easy."

Ingrid and Jason's Wedding
Lake Wales   |   June, 2010   |   Tuxedos

"We actually didn't buy tuxes and matching bridesmaids' dresses because they are expensive, and WHO really wears them a second time? Instead, my bridesmaids bought sundresses that flattered their bodies and that they liked (with certain stipulations) and the groomsmen bought khakis, a dress shirt, shoes, belt and tie from MW for the same price that they would have rented a tux. Now they all have clothes that they can wear again or even to work. GREAT IDEA!"

James and Laura's Wedding
Mt Laurel   |   June, 2010   |   Tuxedos

"They were great and would have received 5 stars from us, except for the fact that the tuxedos were due back the NEXT DAY after our wedding. They should at least give people 2 days to return them."

Wichita Wedding In June
Wichita   |   June, 2010   |   Tuxedos

"A little aloof, but provided the expected services."

Joshua & Kayla's Wedding
Toluca   |   May, 2010   |   Tuxedos

"tara at eastland mall was fabulous to work with! so glad we switched to senos after the great deal they gave us!!"

Our Wedding
Grosse Pointe   |   May, 2010   |   Tuxedos

"Did a fantastic job for us, as many of the wedding party was from out of town and coordination between their stores was perfect."

Katy and Dustin's Wedding
Bloomington   |   April, 2010   |   Tuxedos

"We did not have our groomsmen rent tuxes, but the tux we rented was great! The only downside was that some of the staff seemed to not care about anything (which was a shame because some staff members were great!)."

Elaine and Len's Wedding
Misson Hills   |   April, 2010   |   Tuxedos

Our Wedding
Hertford, NC   |   April, 2010   |   Tuxedos

Tina and Calvin's Wedding
Livermore   |   April, 2010   |   Tuxedos

Erik and Gina's Wedding
Bloomington   |   April, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

"Our groomsmen and the groom bought suits and rented ties/vests from Men's Warehouse. They were very accommodating and we enjoyed working with them. We went when they were running a sale, so everyone got their suits for just $150. It's super helpful that they work with David's Bridal so vests can match dresses. They also have a tailor on-site, which was such a relief. One groomsmen had a problem getting his pants back, but everything worked out. I loved that I could go online and see who to nag about not renting their vest and tie yet. It was also helpful that they have so many locations. We had a groomsmen who lived out of state, so he was able to go in for a vest fitting and rent his tie in another state. I do wish the rentals didn't have to be returned the next day, but it was fine. I would recommend Men's Wearhouse for sure."

Kelli and Andy's Wedding
Round Rock   |   March, 2010   |   Tuxedos

Jess and Jeff's Wedding
Abingdon   |   January, 2010   |   Tuxedos

"Pros: national chain, free groom's tux with other rentals Cons: service SUCKS. They sent my fiance home with a suit jacket that was at LEAST one size too small... simply because they didn't want to bother ordering another jacket. After calling and shouting, he had to go BACK to the store (an hour away) to exchange the jacket on the day before the wedding. The tuxes ended up looking nice, but it was such a headache, I wouldn't use them again. If you don't have attendants coming from all over, don't use this crappy tux rental place."

Rachel and Chad's Wedding
Plano   |   January, 2010   |   Tuxedos

"Lots of Choices, Easy to Work with the Friendly Staff"

Drew and Sue's Wedding
Surprise   |   December, 2009   |   Tuxedos

"A bit impersonal when we originally ordered (my last name was misspelled through the entire process in spite of my efforts to correct them), but I gotta hand it to them...tuxes were fitted at 4 different locations in the country, and all arrived in Arizona on the day without a hitch. Overall they did a great job."

Rochester Wedding In December
Rochester   |   December, 2009   |   Tuxedos

Natonya and Andrew's Wedding
York   |   December, 2009   |   Tuxedos

"We actually had a lot of issues with them. They didn't have someone's jacket the day before. Also...someone else had a poorly made jacket. Very disappointing."

Jessica and Andy 's Wedding
Tallahassee   |   November, 2009   |   Tuxedos

"We had trouble getting these guys to focus. They were more worried about quantity than quality. The manager practically shoved me out the door and told me to let my fiance handle this. Then when the tuxes came in... we had a problem with almost every single one. The vests didn't fit... they didn't order extra shirts... etc etc... but they did sort it out eventually."

Lawrence and Christine's Wedding
Holland   |   October, 2009   |   Tuxedos

"The groomsmen looked great but there was a mix-up with payment."

Liz and John's Wedding
New Rochelle   |   October, 2009   |   Tuxedos

"They were really courteous in helping us pick out every detail for each of the tuxedos needed for the wedding. Can't beat how the groom's tux is free when you rent 4 (I think) tuxes! Definitely make sure you pick up your tux 2 days beforehand, in case something is missing or needs to be altered (that was the case for our ringbearer)."

Kacee and Jason's Wedding
214 Hagenridge Road, Chico, CA 95973   |   September, 2009   |   Tuxedos

Chris & Yvonne's Wedding
Fairfield   |   August, 2009   |   Tuxedos

"They were great to work with. The guys all had a perfect fit and looked really sharp! They have a rent 4 or more tuxes, get the groom's tux free special which was a great way for us to save a little cash."

Jacquenette and Mark's Wedding
Half Moon Bay   |   August, 2009   |   Tuxedos

"We were able to book the tuxedoes long-distance in the D.C. area, and pick them up a couple of days before the wedding at the local shop in Redwood City. Very easy process."

Jennifer and Christopher's Wedding
East Syracuse   |   July, 2009   |   Tuxedos

"I really have to give them credit for what they pulled off for our wedding. My now-husband ordered a rental and hated it when it came in. He didn't like the way it fit him at all. They then put him in a tux and had alterations done within a day for our wedding! They were great and he was very happy with the results. My only complaint was the selection of standard ties and vests for the tuxedos were limited in color choices."

Steve and Linda's Wedding
One South El Camino Real, San Mateo, CA 94401   |   June, 2008   |   Tuxedos

"The guys needed a tux and this place give them all what they needed and then some..."

Cassandra and Matthew's Wedding
St. Augustine   |   October, 2011   |   Wedding Fashion

Shannon and Shawn's Wedding
Chicago   |   October, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

Escondido Wedding In August
Escondido   |   August, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

Olivia and Andrew's Wedding
College Park   |   July, 2010   |   Tuxedos

Fairfax Station Wedding In June
Fairfax Station   |   June, 2010   |   Suit rental/return

Tallahassee Wedding In January
Tallahassee   |   January, 2010   |   Tuxedos

Roseland Wedding In August
Roseland   |   August, 2009   |   Men's Wearhouse Tuxedos


Men's Wearhouse

Chico, CA, United States

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