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KNOTT'S BERRY FARM < this is my business >

Categories: Attractions/Entertainment, Restaurants, Parks/Recreation
Address: 8039 Beach Blvd
Buena Park, CA, USA
(714) 827-1776
Reviews: 0 ratings
38 descriptions
112 weddings

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Riverside Wedding In November
Riverside   |   November, 2016   |   Attraction

"Roller coasters galore!"

Marina Del Rey Wedding In October
Marina Del Rey   |   October, 2012   |   Attraction

"Knott's Berry Farm does the best Halloween haunt by far. Decent rides and very good mazes and haunted houses. 1000 (literally) costumed performers"

Jacob and Karina's Wedding
Temecula   |   October, 2012   |   Attraction

"Nice park with a good variation of rides, also a water park and the famous chicken dinner restaurant. In October this turns into "Knott's Scary Farm" at night."

Christiane and Christopher's Wedding
San Diego, CA   |   September, 2011   |   Entertainment

"Peanuts themed Amusement Park Ein Freizeitpark ganz denn Peanuts (Charlie Brown & Co) gewidmet."

Dana Point Wedding In August
Dana Point   |   August, 2011   |   Attraction

"Amusement Park"

Newport Beach Wedding In June
Newport Beach   |   June, 2011   |   Attraction

"Knott's has a great mix of thrill rides and Camp Snoopy for the kids."

Topanga Wedding In April
Topanga   |   April, 2011   |   Attractions

"A smaller theme park with rollercoasters and plenty of activities for families."

Laguna Niguel Wedding In October
Laguna Niguel   |   October, 2010   |   Attraction

"Amusement park that may have a Halloween theme in October."

Laguna Niguel Wedding In September
Laguna Niguel   |   September, 2010   |   Attraction

"Meet Snoopy!"

Yorba Linda Wedding In August
Yorba Linda   |   August, 2010   |   Attraction

"Knott's: Roller Coasters and shows set in the old west!"

Lauren and John's Wedding
Irvine   |   June, 2010   |   Attraction

"No, it's not really a berry farm, but they have some great roller coasters!"

Palos Verdes Wedding In June
Palos Verdes   |   June, 2010   |   Attraction

"Fantastic roller coasters for adults, Camp Snoopy for kids. This is a less expensive, family-oriented theme park. Buy tickets and check for deals online!"

Rancho Palos Verdes Wedding In November
Rancho Palos Verdes   |   November, 2009   |   Attraction

"Knott's Berry Farm is a brand name of two separate entities in the United States: a theme park in Buena Park, California, and a manufacturer of food specialty products (primarily jams and preserves) based in Placentia, California. Together, the two entities have almost a 90-year legacy in the United States. In addition, Knott's has developed three Soak City USA water parks in Southern California. Originally established by Walter Knott, the theme park and water parks are now owned and operated by Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, and the food products are now part of The J. M. Smucker Co."

Simi Valley Wedding In September
Simi Valley   |   September, 2009   |   Entertainment

"Not as relaxed as the name might suggest. this is a roller-coaster ride park with a water park right next door! Feeling adventurous?"

Phil and Jeanne's Wedding
Cerritos   |   September, 2009   |   Attraction

"Another theme park with fun rides and roller coasters. Their funnel cake is a MUST!"

Los Angeles   |   August, 2009   |   Attraction

"High tech roller coasters and rides have replaced most of the older attractions but the park still retains its charm. Entrance fees are affordable especially if you use coupons. Themed water park with surf woodies and longboards of the 1950s Southern California coast. 21 water rides to cool off on a summer day."

Buena Park Wedding In July
Buena Park   |   July, 2009   |   Attraction

"Amusement park, and also Soak City, a water park!"

Frank and Christine's Wedding
Temecula   |   June, 2009   |   Attraction

"Lot's of roller coasters, shops and fun places to eat."

Newport Coast Wedding In June
Newport Coast   |   June, 2009   |   Attraction

"8039 Beach Blvd. Buena Park (714) 220-5200 www.knotts.com Once a roadside berry farm, Knott’s has grown to include acres of over-the-top thrill rides and attractions for all ages—it’s also home to the Peanuts gang of beloved cartoon characters. Open daily; hours vary, call for schedule. Admission $39.95 adults, $14.95 seniors and kids 3-11, Free for kids under 3."

Jen and Al's Wedding =)
8888 Los Coyotes Drive, Buena Park, CA 90621   |   June, 2009   |   Attraction

"Knott's Berry Jam! yummy!!"

Our Wedding
5332 East Stevens Place, Commerce, CA   |   June, 2009   |   Attraction

"Amusement Park"

Los Angeles Wedding In March
Los Angeles   |   March, 2009   |   Attraction

"You can go see Snoopy!"

Christine and Paul's Wedding
Costa Mesa   |   March, 2009   |   Attraction

"When you're in Knott's Berry Farm, you feel like you've stepped into an old Western movie with cowboys and all, except that you're surrounded by several rollercoasters. And of course, the one thing you need to try: the funnel cake...mmmmm."

Susan and Jack's Wedding
Long Beach   |   February, 2009   |   Attraction

"Celebrating its 87th year, Knott"

Ross and Laura's Wedding
Newport Beach   |   December, 2008   |   Attraction

"Knott's is one of Laura's favorite amusement parks. She loves the fried chicken they serve just outside the park."

Ross and Laura's Wedding
Newport Beach   |   December, 2008   |   Restaurant

"Great fried chicken. Yum."

Orange County Wedding In October
California   |   October, 2008   |   Attraction

"We will be attending the Halloween Haunt here on October 8th at 7PM. If you are in the area you should join us!"

Elizabeth and Allen 's Wedding
Orange   |   September, 2008   |   Attraction

"Awesome theme park! Great roller coasters!"

Claudine and Joseph's Wedding
Fullerton   |   September, 2008   |   Attraction

"Knott's Soak City is also at this location."

Sonya and George 's Wedding
Long Beach   |   August, 2008   |   Attraction

"Knott's Berry Farm is one of the main tourist attractions in Southern California. The park consists of six themed areas. Besides dozens of rides and attractions, the park also features special live music and theater performances, great restaurants and many shops."

Justine and Fernando's Wedding
Westminster   |   August, 2008   |   Attraction

"Experience six themed areas with world-class thrills and family fun! Take off like a shot on Silver Bullet, Knott's new suspended coaster that takes riders through six inversions."

Our Wedding
Newport Beach   |   August, 2008   |   Attraction

"America's First Theme Park. http://www.knotts.com"

Claudia and Britt 's Wedding
Rancho Palos Verdes   |   July, 2008   |   Attraction

""What was once an actual berry farm is now 160 acres of world class rides, unique family shows and one of a kind attractions. At America's favorite theme park, experience GhostRider the world's best wooden roller coaster, Supreme Scream, 30-stories up, 3 seconds down and the high-octane thrill of Xcelerator, rated the world's best launch coaster, sending riders 0-80 in 2.3 seconds. For a different type of thrill, stroll on over to Camp Snoopy, home to the beloved PEANUTS gang.""

Jessica and Justin's Wedding
Orange   |   July, 2008   |   Attraction

"Another great theme-park in SoCal. Very reasonable prices! We always get coupons at work and school, so ask us if you're interested in going!"

Tiffany and Johnny 's Wedding
Rancho Santa Margarita   |   June, 2008   |   Attraction

"This amusement park boasts some great roller coasters and a kiddie park too, fun for the whole family!"

Amy and George's Wedding
Fullerton   |   November, 2007   |   Attraction

"Knott's Berry Farm"

Leigh and Darin's Wedding
Newport Beach   |   October, 2007   |   Attraction

"This is another amusement park in our area. The park has a Snoopy theme and is perfect for familes of younger children."

Theresa and Alan's Wedding
Santa Monica   |   September, 2007   |   Attraction

"Amusement park"

Yorba Linda   |   November, 2014   |   Attraction

Costa Mesa Wedding In May
Costa Mesa   |   May, 2014   |   Entertainment

Sheila and Brian's Wedding
Palos Verdes Estates   |   May, 2014   |   Knott's Berry Farm

San Juan Capistrano Wedding In November
San Juan Capistrano   |   November, 2013   |   Attraction

Newport Beach Wedding In July
Newport Beach   |   July, 2013   |   Attraction

Inglewood Wedding In June
Inglewood   |   June, 2013   |   Attraction

San Pedro Wedding In September
San Pedro   |   September, 2012   |   Attraction

Los Alamitos Wedding In June
Los Alamitos   |   June, 2012   |   Attraction

Los Angeles Wedding In May
Los Angeles   |   May, 2012   |   Attraction

krisnel and shane 's Wedding
Bellflower   |   April, 2012   |   Attraction

Cerritos Wedding In December
Cerritos   |   December, 2011   |   Theme Parks

Santa Ana Wedding In November
Santa Ana   |   November, 2011   |   Attraction

Manhattan Beach Wedding In September
Manhattan Beach   |   September, 2011   |   Theme Parks

Los Angeles Wedding In July
Los Angeles   |   July, 2011   |   Attraction

Long Beach Wedding In July
Long Beach   |   July, 2011   |   Attraction

Riverside Wedding In July
Riverside   |   July, 2011   |   Attraction

Jennifer and Sean's Wedding
Newport Beach   |   July, 2011   |   Things To Do

San Diego Wedding In June
San Diego   |   June, 2011   |   For Kids

San Pedro Wedding In June
San Pedro   |   June, 2011   |   Attraction

Long Beach Wedding In March
Long Beach   |   March, 2011   |   Attraction

Jackie and Denish's Wedding
Laguna Woods   |   November, 2010   |   Attraction

Los Angeles Wedding In October
2640 Huron Street, Los Angeles, CA‎   |   October, 2010   |   Theme Park

Long Beach Wedding In July
Long Beach   |   July, 2010   |   Entertainment/Attractions

Fountain Valley Wedding In July
Fountain Valley   |   July, 2010   |   Attractions

Orange. Ca Wedding In July
Orange   |   July, 2010   |   Attraction

Orange County Wedding In June
Orange County   |   June, 2010   |   Orange County Things To Do

Crestline Wedding In June
Crestline   |   June, 2010   |   Attraction

Huntington Beach Wedding In May
Huntington Beach   |   May, 2010   |   Attraction

Orange Wedding In November
Orange   |   November, 2009   |   Attraction

Diamond Bar Wedding In October
Diamond Bar   |   October, 2009   |   Attraction

Dana Point Wedding In October
Dana Point   |   October, 2009   |   Attraction

Santa Ana Wedding In September
Santa Ana   |   September, 2009   |   Attraction

Cassandra and Travis's Wedding
Fullerton   |   September, 2009   |   Attraction

Laguna Beach Wedding In September
Laguna Beach   |   September, 2009   |   Attraction

Caylene and Fabian 's Wedding
Mission Viejo   |   August, 2009   |   Attraction

Lorrie Mae and Justin's Wedding
La Habra   |   August, 2009   |   Attraction

Christine and Paul's Wedding
San Diego   |   August, 2009   |   Attraction

Kristine and Simon 's Wedding
Paso Robles   |   August, 2009   |   Amusement Parks

Boaz and Vanessa's Wedding
Santa Ana   |   July, 2009   |   Attraction

Yorba Linda Wedding In July
Yorba Linda   |   July, 2009   |   Attraction

Amy and David's Wedding
Silverado, CA   |   July, 2009   |   Attraction

Becky and Don's Wedding
Tustin   |   July, 2009   |   Attraction

Brandi and Kyran's Wedding
Orange   |   July, 2009   |   Attraction

Sarah and Jeff's Wedding
Seal Beach   |   June, 2009   |   Attraction

Orange Wedding In June
Orange   |   June, 2009   |   Attraction

Los Angeles Wedding In June
Los Angeles   |   June, 2009   |   Attraction

Chloe and Matthew's Wedding
15081 Beach Boulevard, westminster, california, 92683   |   May, 2009   |   Entertainment

Erin and Stephen 's Wedding
Huntington Beach   |   May, 2009   |   Attraction

Angeline and Aaron 's Wedding
Corona Del Mar, CA   |   April, 2009   |   Attraction

Angeline and Aaron 's Wedding
Dana Point   |   April, 2009   |   Attraction

Josh and Magi's Wedding
Burbank   |   March, 2009   |   Attractions

Maggie and Anthony 's Wedding
Bellflower   |   November, 2008   |   Attraction

Jill and Christopher 's Wedding
235 S. Pine Drive, Fullerton CA   |   October, 2008   |   Attraction

Dana Point Wedding In October
Dana Point   |   October, 2008   |   Attraction

Fullerton Wedding In September
Fullerton   |   September, 2008   |   Attraction

Fullerton Wedding In August
Fullerton   |   August, 2008   |   Attraction

Charmi and Sachin's Wedding
Malibu, CA   |   August, 2008   |   Theme Parks

Angel and Jonathan's Wedding
Los Angeles   |   August, 2008   |   Attractions & Entertainment

Kelly & Robert's Wedding
1901 Newport Blvd. Costa Mesa, CA   |   August, 2008   |   Attraction

Theresa & Mike's Wedding
San Pedro   |   July, 2008   |   Attraction

Michael and Jennifer's Wedding
Saint Joachim Church   |   July, 2008   |   Attraction

Catherine and John's Wedding
Fountain Valley   |   June, 2008   |   Attraction

Vanessa and Rafael's Wedding
Lomita   |   May, 2008   |   Attraction

Mandy & Joe's Wedding
Anaheim, CA   |   May, 2008   |   Attraction

Jennifer and Jed's Wedding
Malibu   |   May, 2008   |   Attraction

Steve and Carrine's Wedding
Huntington Beach   |   February, 2008   |   Attraction

Justina and Russell's Wedding
Universal City, California   |   December, 2007   |   Attraction

Tara and Sam's Wedding
Costa Mesa   |   November, 2007   |   Attraction

Fullerton Wedding In November
Fullerton   |   November, 2007   |   Attraction

Jennifer and Jeffrey's Wedding
Newport Beach   |   October, 2007   |   Attraction

Fullerton Wedding In September
Fullerton   |   September, 2007   |   Attraction

Andrya and Ron's Wedding
buena park, ca   |   August, 2007   |   Attraction

Fountain Valley Wedding In June
Fountain Valley   |   June, 2007   |   Attraction

Costa Mesa Wedding In May
Costa Mesa, CA   |   May, 2007   |   Attraction

Costa Mesa Wedding In May
Costa Mesa, CA   |   May, 2007   |   Attraction


Knott's Berry Farm

8039 Beach Blvd
Buena Park, CA, USA
(714) 827-1776

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