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Bouquet Jewelry: Bouquet Stems or Stem Pins

by Toppers with Glitz

$35 each

Personalizing your bouquet is a unique detail that helps set your wedding apart and is an original way to recognize your attendants (since they get to keep them!). Each letter is just under 2" and comes with a clasp on the back. It can be pinned to the bouquet stem, or, floral wire can be added by your florist so that it can be part of the floral arrangement itself. The clasps allow for the letters to later be used as a broach! Due to the miniature size of the letters, bouquet jewelry is cut from a thinner (1/16") aluminum. So that the clasps can be kept minimally visible, bouquet jewelry is only offered in fonts that are bold enough to disguise the clasps effectively. Bouquet letters will be crystalled in the same crystal colors that are selected for your topper unless you specify other color choices or instructions (use the special instructions field when ordering). Using Crystal is always a good choice so that the letters "pop" and don't clash (or blend!) with the flowers.