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Alexandria Bride 2011

I am getting married for the second time and am hoping some of you brides might have some advice... my first wedding was in a Catholic church, and since I did not have my marriage annuled, I cannot do that again, although I still like the church idea. I was raised Catholic and don't really know the "rules" on this. Anyone have any tips or suggestions for me?
Thanks in advance.

Posted in Alexandria, VA, USA
Written on Nov. 30, 2010


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Wedding Date: May, 2009
Alexandria, VA, USA
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I don't know the Episcopal Church's policy about this, but it might be worth asking about. The Episcopal Church is sometimes called 'Catholic Light' and is not always as restrictive. I am sure that you'd be expected to become a member of a church if you want to get married there, but before that stage you could arrange a meeting with the rector of a church to ask questions and find out if this is possible and how to do it.

My husband and I got married at St. Paul's Church in Old Town and it was wonderful. I highly recommend it, the clergy, musical director, and the altar guild all helped us have a beautiful and celebratory day.


Written on Nov. 30, 2010
Wedding Date: Jan, 2009
Alexandria, VA, USA
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Ditto on also being Catholic. From what I've seen with family members and friends, any previous Catholic marriage can be annulled "for the right price." (AKA a hefty donation.)
If you don't want to do that, I think you can get married in another church, but the Catholic church won't recognize it and should you decide to have children, I'm not sure if there are issues with trying to have them baptized/confirmed, etc later on.
I know Episcopal churches pretty much welcome new parishioners with open arms, so that might be a good start?
Either way, congrats and good luck!!

Written on Nov. 30, 2010
Wedding Date: Sep, 2013
Woodbridge, VA, USA
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I have found this great location Wakefield chapel in Annandale for $550 for 4 hrs… it will hold up to 90 search Fairfax parks historical. I am opting for a public park for the reception..will have mine Sept 28

Written on Mar. 26, 2013


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