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I don't know what to pay for at my destination wedding. . .

Wedding Date: Apr, 2012
San Juan, Puerto Rico

So we decided to have a destination wedding in Puerto Rico today! I'm glad I came across this website as I rushed to find information on the internet literally 5 minutes after we agreed! We have both been to PR many times and both love it. We are looking at specifically Old San Juan and are really excited!

But we are not sure what we are supposed to pay for? We expect all of our immediate family will be attending (18 people) and although we will extend the invitation to all our aunts/uncles/cousins and friends, we doubt they will attend due to the cost of the trip. We think no more than 30 people total will attend. We plan to pay airfare for both of our parents and secure our timeshare for both sets of parents as well. We plan on having a family dinner the Friday before the wedding - a time for both families to come together. We would cover the cost. Our friends won't be included in this. The Saturday of our wedding, we want to take everyone out that night to a casual yet cool place with good music and food. Maybe the Barrachina or Raices in Old San Juan. . . This would be our treat again but this time we would include everyone who attended our wedding.

I'm wondering how everyone else who is planning a destination wedding is doing it: what are you paying for? And what is your best advice on keeping the cost down as much as possible? I am catholic and I felt we had to prioritized the cost of having the ceremony at a church. We both want to prioritize the airfare for our parents, the family dinner, the reception dinner, a cake, videographer, photograper, and providing transportation to/from hotel/church/reception/back to hotel.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Posted in San Juan, Puerto Rico
Written on May. 15, 2011


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Wedding Date: Feb, 2012
San Juan, Puerto Rico
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WOW! you are paying for a lot. We are having ours there too and we aren't paying for anybodies airfare or stay.We are paying for the wedding and transportation the day of for our guests. I design invitations so I am doing those myself, and my brother is a photographer in Puerto Rico so he is doing that. We wont have a videographer, honestly I can give the video camera to my cousin and she can tape it. Haha. I think we are having a rehearsal dinner the night before and are paying for that too.

Written on May. 18, 2011
Wedding Date: Feb, 2012
San Juan, Puerto Rico
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Oh but we are having a party before, where we live so EVERYBODY can come and celebrate with us.

Written on May. 18, 2011
Wedding Date: Nov, 2014
Puerto Rico
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Yeah I was wondering about this too I am paying for 6 cabins which house 6 people For Family and Matron of honor ,Best man and airfair for Us and 5 kids (3 adult children they would have to pay for their Boyfriend/Girlfriends airfair but lodging would be taken care of buy us)Were thinking of a low cost welcome dinner but Im gonna have the Groom take care of that Wink Wink Ill be covering the reception El Rancho Orginal, Clothing (T shirts for the wedding party) they will Have to get the shorts and extras if they want(its an Indiana Jones theme)But im not providing them with Lodging or airfair but lodging is very afordable at $347 per person plus food and fun money this is if they pool together for a rental car.Not to bad for a vacation I hope

Written on Sep. 03, 2013


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