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Wedding Date: Aug, 2010
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
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Just wondering if anyone has used Upbeat Entertainment as their DJ? If so, do you recommend them?

Posted in Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Written on Oct. 17, 2009


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Wedding Date: Jun, 2010
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
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I have not used them or seen them, but I do recommend Entertainment Unlimited. I have been to weddings that they DJ'd and have heard nothing but good things from people that have used them. Hope that helps.

Written on Oct. 18, 2009
Pittsburgh, PA, USA


I would like to qualify my opinions and my goal is to inform, rather than sell my services. A great many of my dates are sold out for 2010.

I am an independent DJ. I can perform one event per day. I have been the Vice President of the local DJ Association, DJAWP (DJ Association of Western Pennsylvania): www.djawp.org for the last three years

There are a large number of independent DJs and ‘Multi-Op’ DJ services in the Pittsburgh area. The quality of both types varies from good to bad.

Good entertainment is also subjective and event dependent, for example:

Do you want all hip-hop, karaoke, classical, traditional wedding standards, or a mix of traditional favorites with several personal selections and a few of the newer songs?

Does your entertainment service match your venue? Are you having an outdoor picnic, major hotel, banquet hall, or Heinz Field?

Is your DJ providing music and sound re-enforcement for your wedding ceremony? If you are getting married on site; how many ceremonies does the DJ do per year and will they be available for the rehearsal?

What are the ages of the bride and groom? What is the age mix of your guests and how many children are attending?

The Dj you hire should listen first, and then ask the questions to make your wedding special, unique and personal.


Written on Oct. 19, 2009
Pittsburgh, PA, USA

A few other considerations...

As I said, I am an independent DJ. That said, I advise and refer clients to other independent DJs, whether they hire my service or not.

Most booking agencies (Multi-ops) take between 40 to 60 percent off the total cost. If you book a DJ from a service the Dj is paid a great deal less than the price paid. ‘Multi-op’ companies also charge per hour; they tend to build in ‘overtime charges’ for which the dj gets paid all the overtime charges. It is in their best interest to start the music as early as possible to maximize the overtime charges.

Also multi-ops have a high rate of turn over, so how can you guarantee the DJ you hired will be the DJ at your wedding. I advise you hire an independent dj with insurance and ties to a national or local dj association.

My service only plays one event per day. I start the music when your first guest arrives or the doors open. Normally the wedding party enters the reception thirty minutes before dinner is served and your guests have been there for an hour or more, depending on pictures. This is why I bill per event versus hourly. I believe billing per hour is unethical and that is why I bill per event, not per hour.

Thanks for reading

Written on Oct. 19, 2009
Wedding Date: Mar, 2010
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
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May be late for you to still be looking for a DJ but if you haven't found one yet, we used Appropriate Moods and they were FANTASTIC!

Written on May. 29, 2010


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