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Newcastle old town hall


Looking for couples who have used or are considering Newcastle Old Town Hall in Ontario. We are considering this venue but just wanted to ask a few questions as I know its basically just a rental fee and then everything else is up to you to plan. Thank you!!

Posted in Newcastle, ON, Canada
Written on May. 26, 2014


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Wedding Date: Oct, 2012
Newcastle, ON, Canada
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Hi there,

My husband and I used that location for our wedding and reception in 2012. It was great. We hired a caterer and held our own open bar (had to get the license), but I think it was one of the best decisions we made. It was very nice outside, and the size inside was more than enough for our guests. Gabrielle was the representative from the hall who corresponded with us, and she was lovely to work with as well. She gave us a list of vendors to helps us, and answered all of our questions. Just respond if you have any other questions.

Written on May. 28, 2014
Wedding Date: Apr, 2011
Newcastle, ON, Canada
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We were there in 2011... Loved it! We had the seating tables set up on the lower level, and put two pairs of long tables on the upper carpeted level for the buffet. We did a buffet, and the biggest problem with buffets is the long line up with many guests, (we were at about 90). But the problem was solved at Newcastle town hall! People went up the carpeted ramps on the sides, and went down both sides of the table. Both tables had the same choices, and there was a circle table in the middle with breads and fancy butters, and then you took your plate down the stairs in the middle and back to your seat. So two lines both going down two sides of the table made four lines flowing, everyone had their food and were seated so quickly! And the fancy bread table made it classy :)

You mention it's just the rental fee. That included the tables and they set up the tables, I just sent my seating plan. They also rented out their dishes and glasses to us for a great price. I had to rent the table cloths and napkins from elsewhere though. And we could take pictures anywhere; on the stone stairs inside, or outside in the gardens. Lovely lovely!

Written on May. 29, 2014


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