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Butler Mansion and 3 Pillars Catering


Does anyone have a review for the food from 3 Pillars Catering at the Butler Mansion? I can't seem to find many reviews about the quality of food and that is high on our priority list! Thanks!

Posted in Buffalo, NY, USA
Written on Aug. 22, 2011


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Wedding Date: Aug, 2010
Buffalo, NY, USA
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I had my wedding there last year 8.7.10. It was our top choice venue. We had wanted to be married there for 4 yrs. We had a terrible time planning with them because they (UB Campus Catering/now called 3 Pillars) changed management 3 times while we were planning! People were hired and fired. Whatever you do do NOT work with Becky Nelson. She hardly returns phone calls and talks a lot about her own family issues...instead of wedding plans. Then she went on leave for 3 months! And then 3 days before the wedding, we met our NEW (3rd) catering manager. She was great! And the head of campus events and catering showed up at the meeting to personally apologize for everything. And even showed up wedding day morning to make sure we were happy! Awesome guy! And the food was also great! Honestly people still talk about how good the food was. We did salmon and Flank steak. And rissoto for veg option. I hope their chef is the same! Ask! Everything was beautiful. Oh and we had 104 people including us so don't let them tell you it has to be less! Cheers!

Written on Aug. 22, 2011

@shunnin28@yahoo.com: Wondering if you chose the Butler Mansion for your wedding and the outcome.

Written on Jan. 27, 2014

We did have our reception at the butler mansion! It was beautiful!! The space is so unique, it makes for some awesome photos! We had 80 guests at our wedding so we were all able to fit in one room for the sit down dinner which was nice. The food was overall pretty good and the service was great as well. My only complaint about the butler mansion was similar to what the previous poster mentioned, communication leading up to the event wasn't great. It was just really stressful trying to get a hold of our event manager, I would email her and wait weeks for a response, usually it took a few emails and phone calls (which always went to voicemail) before I would get a response, which when you are trying to coordinate all the details is really a pain! Honestly if I didn't have a friend of mine who actually is in the business and was doing our ceremony and reception decor I would have been lost!
Overall everything turned out amazing and I am so happy we had our wedding there! It just took getting through the stress of trying to get a hold of someone!!
Good luck!! And congratulations!!

Written on Jan. 27, 2014


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