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Elberta Lifesaving Station

Wedding Date: Aug, 2013
Frankfort, MI, USA
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I am looking for some ideas for how to setup our reception. Please let me know your thoughts if you've had your reception here!

Did you have time before for appetizers? If so, where did you have them, inside the station, in a tent outside?

How many guests did you have inside the lifesaving station for dinner? Did you use round tables or the rectangular ones?

If you had your dinner in a tent outside on the grounds, how did you utilize the lifesaving station space?

Thanks in advance!

Posted in Frankfort, MI, USA
Written on Nov. 22, 2013


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I have had the pleasure of coordinating and designing many weddings at the Life Saving Station in Elberta as a coordinator. There are many ways to creatively set the venue space up. I would be happy to consult with you if you would like to set up a time,call me at 231-651-0058.


Kristi Mills
Simply Exquisite by the bay, LLC

Written on Nov. 23, 2013
Wedding Date: Sep, 2009
Frankfort, MI, USA
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We had our reception at the Life Saving Station a few years ago. We had a cocktail hour inside and set up several of the taller round tables throughout the space. There were some appetizers and drinks as well. We had a tent set up on the lawn beside the Life Saving Station and that's where we had the reception - dinner, dancing, etc. It worked out great!! We had 130 guests and that was just too many people to fit inside the Stationfor the reception, especially since we needed to make sure we had enough room to dance! There just wasn't going to be enough room for everything inside, but the tent was perfect! The Station is so charming that I wanted to make sure that we got to utilize it somehow. Cocktail hour (while we had our photos taken) wwas perfect!
My only regret was that we didn't make it there in time to experience any of the cocktail hour and since our photographer was with us, I don't have any pictures of it!! I heard it was nice. =)
I can send you a few pictures of the tent and reception if you would like. Just let me know!
Congratulations and good luck getting everything figured out!

~ Tracy

Written on Nov. 23, 2013
Wedding Date: Aug, 2013
Frankfort, MI, USA
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Thanks so much Tracy!

Written on Nov. 27, 2013
Wedding Date: Aug, 2013
Frankfort, MI, USA
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Would it be possible for you to send me some pictures? I think it would be helpful.

Thanks again Tracy! My email is wendt dot Jennifer at gmail.

Written on Dec. 12, 2013
Wedding Date: Aug, 2015
Elberta, MI, USA
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Can you share your pictures with me too?

Also, where did you get your tent and how much did it cost?


Written on Jul. 18, 2014


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