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Any Americans getting married in Bogota?

Wedding Date: Mar, 2015
Bogota, Colombia
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My parents are Colombian however I was born and raised in America and my fiancé is American as well. We're looking to get married in Bogota and I'm wondering if anyone has any tips as to locations and vendors. We have a lot of people flying in so we want it preferably in a nice hotel. Does anyone have any tips?? Any nice hotels that are recommended? We can use all the help offered. Thanks!!

Posted in Bogota, Colombia
Written on Apr. 05, 2014


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Laura Otoya

Hi Andrea! I would be glad to help you out you can write to my personal e-mail lauriotoya@hotmail.com or look me up on Facebook with that same e-mail address. My whatsapp is +57 3147712506 and we'll talk ;) There are many many options so in order to guide you I'd need to know the kind of wedding you'd like!! All my best, Laura

Written on Apr. 05, 2014
Wedding Date: Nov, 2010
Bogota, Colombia
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My in-laws (who were scared of going to Colombia) stayed at the Bogota Regency. It's near Hacienda Santa Barbara & Unicentro. They loved it & even walked to the malls on their own. http://www.hotelregency.com.co/

My wedding reception was at Hacienda Rincon de Teusaca. It's not too too far from the hotel, but just outside the city. They were really good about accommodating my requests. It was actually easier than I thought, because they are kind of like wedding coordinators. I didn't have to worry about finding flowers, photographer, music, car, etc.... The only thing I didn't like was that the taste test is only done about a week before the wedding and you have to choose ONE meal option. At least that's what they said at the time.
But they have several different options to choose from as far as photo packages, meal options, musicians/DJs.

I would definitely recommend you go out to Colombia a few months prior to see the venues in person, though. I had my heart set on that place & knew that was the one, but just in case I went a few months before the wedding & my cousin took me to a few other places in Chia, etc. That was the one, though!

Make sure you also contact an airlines so they give your guests a discount. We used American and got 10%.

I also used this site to get ideas of venues:

Good luck! Happy Planning!

Written on Apr. 05, 2014
Wedding Date: Aug, 2009
Bogota, Colombia
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Hi Andrea!
How nice that you're getting married in Bogota! I'm Colombian, from Bogota and got married to a Norwegian. We celebrated our wedding in Bogota, just like you guys. I can give you some tips. If you want you can contact me through my personal mail: mmdancearte@gmail.com

Best regards,

Written on Apr. 05, 2014
Wedding Date: Oct, 2012
Bogota, Colombia
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Hi Andrea,
I am from Colombia as well and I got married at la Hacieda San Rafael en Bogota. There are many options. I choose la Hacienda San Rafael because it is still within the city limits and it was easier for everyone to get there. There are tons of options, hotels, haciendas, country clubs... You can email me if you need additional information. I will be happy to give you more information. quimeraz@yahoo.com


Written on Apr. 06, 2014

Hi Andrea. I'm South African/American and recently got married in Colombia - though it was in San Andrés. I do live and work in Bogotá though so can recommend a few spots. I recently photographed a wedding at a place called Hacienda Las Marias on the road to la Calera. It's a beautiful venue surrounded by nature and has a great view of the city from the reception deck. If you are interested, send me a message (cduples@eastern.edu) and I'll put you in contact with someone there. They have a cute chapel but can also host a non-catholic wedding if you prefer.

Here's a link to photos taken at the location: http://www.cdp-weddings.com/#!carla--jorge/cenc

Written on Jul. 23, 2014
Wedding Date: Mar, 2015
Bogota, Colombia
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Hi, I am a certified wedding planner in Bogota if you need any help please contact me andre_ita82@hotmail.com whatsapp +573213432860

Written on Mar. 02, 2015


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