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Decorator estimates?

Cartagena Boda

Hi ladies, I was hoping you could help me get a ballpark estimate of how much decoration would cost. I´m going to choose between a reception at the Santa Clara or Hotel Pestagua for 70 guests. I don´t need to have a lot of fancy or too orneate items, I rather keep it simple. Could you give me a guesstimate based on your experience on how much are decorators? Thank you!

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Written on Mar. 21, 2012


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Dear Kat. We are Carolina Franco Design and Events, a company dedicated to the organization and design of spaces for events.

Given the number of guests we can make a rough estimate of 3 or 4 thousand dollars, includes keepsakes, floral arrangements, decorative lights, table of honor for the bride and groom photographs designed to make space for all and special gift is nuetsro HAIR AND MAKEUP OF THE BRIDE

If you want you can communicate in Cartagena de indias with Sandy Franco 6639553 or New Jersey with Carolina Franco 8622622326. or write to gerencia@carolinafrancodye.com

Waiting for a prompt and positive response

Written on Jun. 11, 2012

Hi Erika,
I'm also getting married in Cartagena on the same date as yours and my name is Erika too! What a coincidence :)
I heard of William Baena and his work and it does seem pricey. My wedding planner, Mary Cueter, recommended Jairo Uribe who also works great and is less expensive. I'm going to meet with him and all my vendors in September to finish up every detail. Once I meet with him, can let you know if he is as good.
Since you posted the comment in May, I'm sure you already found a florist. Just thought of writing to you since we already share two important things in common.


Written on Aug. 04, 2012

Hello Ladies,

I am new to the site and ran into it starting my research on a wedding in Cartagena, I am newly engaged but want to have the wedding at the end of next July. I visited Cartagena with my fiance in 2010 and fell in love with the city. Where did you ladies begin?


Written on Aug. 05, 2012
Wedding Date: May, 2013
Cartagena, Bolivar, Colombia
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What wedding planners can you guys recommend?

Written on Sep. 08, 2012
Wedding Date: Sep, 2012
Cartagena, Bolivar, Colombia
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Since decoration is little expensive I provided some decoration Ibrough myself, there are bunch of staff you can find in internet and ship there or bringing with you. Florarte- Willian Baena are the best for flowers, my center tables were beautiful!

Written on Oct. 15, 2012
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