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Caribe Cordial


Hello Everyone,

I wanted to write this earlier, but unfortunately I have been incredibly busy, and now am only getting around to it. I am working with Caribe Cordial and I went to Cartagena in early April to finalize vendors and details of the wedding. I worked directly with Liliana and Camilo and they both have been incredible and attentive while I was there with my parents and since we have gotten back.

I can give several examples of this, but I think the best is with the food. First of all I am so so happy I went to Cartagena beforehand and actually met, tasted, and saw the work of the vendors. With the food we were going to go with this one vendor (the menu looked awesome via email), but once I tried her food I was not happy at all. It was okay, but not wanted I wanted to serve at the wedding. Lilliana could tell right away that I was not happy, and by the time we stepped out of the caterers office we had four other tastings lined up. The next person we went to blew me away. We are now going with Monica del Risco. Honestly I never have tasted ceviche that good. It literally melted in my mouth. All the other food was just as good and Caribe Cordial and worked with Monica beforehand to present the exact type of menu I wanted, but at a taste that is WAY above the price we are getting.

Camilo is Mr. Negotiator. We saw him work his magic in person. He has gotten us some great deals and has worked with all our vendors to get us absolutely the best deals possible. For the type of wedding we are having and the type of quality we are getting it would cost way more in the United States. Below is a list of all the vendors we are working with. I am so so so so happy and so excited. Being there and seeing everything in person made me burst with excitement for the big day.

For Lodging Guests are staying at:
Casa Kirby
Casa India Catalina

Food and drinks:
Monica del Risco... her limonada de coco is YUMMY. For our cocktail hour she is making mango mojitos, maracuya and vodka, and limonada de coco.

William Baena. He is pretty pricey but Camilo was able to get us a really good price. This is where I was most impressed. We already had another vendor picked out (Rosa del Fina) who was super good as well, but William as at a whole different level of work. He basically told William if he wanted us to go with him he would have to present a budget that was lower than Rosa's price. He did. So we got a better decorator at a lower price.

Music: Manhattan. They are organizing all the music. Band, hora loca, and DJ

Cake: Elsy Figueroa. We went and tried different types of cake. Each layer is a different flavor. We went to another girl as well, I cant remember her name but she was pretty good as well and about half the price. We still went with Elsy.

Ceremony and Reception: Casa Pestagua. We rented the whole house for the night. It is BEAUTIFUL and a lot bigger than I imagined when I saw it in person.

Rehearsal Dinner: Palo Santos. Mauricio the owner is really nice and helped to create the exact menu we wanted and even one for our vegetarian friend.

Photographers: efeunodos!!

Okay that is about it. I just wanted to give an update about vendors and wedding planners, and really toot Caribe Cordial's horn, because they have gone above and beyond our expectations.

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Written on May. 06, 2010


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Wedding Date: Jul, 2011
Cartagena, Bolivar, Colombia
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My fiance and I are getting ready to go to Cartagena to start planning our wedding next summer and I am extremely interested in all that you have posted here, however I was curious about how many people you had at your wedding and the breakdown/overall cost of the wedding. It seems like you have included everything I would like to have and am just curious what to expect for cost. I would appreciate your feedback!

Written on Aug. 02, 2010


I just saw your post when I came on to finally do all my reviews of vendors. We just got married on the 6th of August. We had 62 guests at our wedding and I would say in total (rehearsal dinner, welcome bbq, hair makeup) we spent around $22,000. The best part is that we rented with the whole bridal party Casa Kirby right off of plaza Santo Domingo and that was INCREDIBLE. It was about $360 a person for five nights and we had a whole mansion to ourselves. I have never seen anything like it and all our guests were floored. This is where we also had the welcome bbq. I heard prices have gone up in Cartagena since we have planned and signed contracts, but I am not too sure.

We bought all our alcohol at a whole seller with Camilo and that was only about $600 and it was more then enough for all our guests. For the bottles you do not use you can return them the next day and get your money back.

Food was about $45 a person, Casa Pestagua was $2700 to rent for the night( I hear they do not do this anymore without a three day minimum rent so I would check on this), Decorations were about $1800, music $1600 etc. Hope this helps!

Written on Sep. 07, 2010
Wedding Date: Mar, 2012
Cartagena, Bolivar, Colombia
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Hello there! I've found your reviews very helpful, even after a year of your wedding. I am having a small wedding. probably around 30 people maybe 40 max. I am considering Casa Kirby and read that you stayed there with your bridal party and you loved it. What do you think of this venue for a smaller party? I've been told the place is adorable, very colonial... which is what i'm looking for. But any info/advice you have, I would appreciate it. Thank you!

Written on Nov. 28, 2011

Hi, I'm so glad I found your post. I am actually planing my wedding with caribe cordial. I am at the early stages, trying to get prices etc. I just don't know how to start. When did you send your invitations or save the date to your guests? I am planing on getting married 8/10/14 so I thi k I should send the save the date one year in advance, but I don't even know yet where are we all staying. Camilo mentioned casa Kirby, I want to give my guest at least 3 different options for lodging, three different prices. Can you give me an idea about when to send the save the date, and also could you please tell me the places your guest stayed and what do you think of them. Your post is so helpful, I'm glad I came across with it.

Written on Aug. 08, 2013

Hey quick question- did you have to pay for your tastings when you went? I am going next week and am told by my planner I have to pay for all of my tastings... Does this sound right?

thanks :)

Written on Aug. 14, 2013

Hey quick question- did you have to pay for your tastings when you went? I am going next week and am told by my planner I have to pay for all of my tastings... Does this sound right?

thanks :)

Written on Aug. 14, 2013
Wedding Date: Jul, 2013
Cartagena, Bolivar, Colombia
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I had to pay for some of my tastings as well.

Written on Sep. 10, 2013


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