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Cartagena Beach Wedding/Reception

Wedding Date: Jan, 2014
Cartagena, Bolivar, Colombia
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Hello All,

I just got engaged and well of course I am already thinking of how will I plan my wedding. We have yet to think of a date and we're not rushing either, we might even have a civil wedding first in the US then do something nice in Colombia. Just for the sake of throwing a year out there, I would say maybe late 2015.

I plan to have my wedding reception in Cartagena and I want it on the beach. I will have anywhere between 60 - 65 guests. I am not to concerned about decorations, I am very simple, I rather use the beauty of the beach and nature to make it look beautiful. My budget is $15K. Also, since I will have family and friends coming from over seas; I would like to know if there are any houses that can be rented for the weekend by the beach rather than everyone staying at a nearby hotel. Would renting be cheaper than a hotel where everyone can split the cost? I want to make this affordable for us as well as my guests. I haven't thought about hiring a wedding planner yet, I suspect I might need one considering that I don't have time to travel back and forth. However, my fiancé and I have relatives in Colombia. I'm sure they would help.

So, any suggestions. I do not know where to start. Thank you in advance :-)

Posted in Cartagena, Bolivar, Colombia
Written on Jan. 17, 2014


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Wedding Date: Sep, 2011
Cartagena, Bolivar, Colombia
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Hello there. The beaches in colombia are public that means you will have people walking by during the ceremony and they will appear in your pictures too.
I won't recommend you to get marry on the beach in Cartagena, not only they are public but also the dand is almost black and compact.
How ever there are some hotels in small an private islands in las islas Del Rosario.
One thing about that is that is not that much sand on them because they are coral but they are a few that had managed to get some sand and make a small beach, they look perfect and is yellow sand and will be private.
They are usually small hotels so I guess you can just book the while place for all if your guess and to have the private beach for the ceremony.
I will be visiting Cartagena next month and staying in the same hotel that I got marry they told me I can go for a day trip to islas Del Rosario to a hotel they do have good relations with, I can send you feed back of it and if is a chance and how much will cost you to have a wedding there.
Congratulations on your engagement

Written on Jan. 17, 2014

Hello! There are definetely many options in Cartagena. Although beaches in the city are public (and actually ALL BEACHES IN COLOMBIA ARE PUBLIC) there are many closeby beaches that are normally alone, which will work perfectly for the wedding. Very close by is Manzanillo del Mar, 10 minute ride by bus north of the city. There is also the option of Tierrabomba which is an island just in front of Cartagena´s exclusive residential area, Castilogrande. Its a 5 minute boat ride to get there. And of course very beautiful Baru and Rosario Islands. These beaches are beautiful, but they have inconvenients. It is 45- 1 hr away by speed boat and for this fact the costs of a wedding normally will double.
If you need any info or a quote on the services you would like to hire don´t hesitate to email us.


It will be a pleasure to guide you through the process! Congratulations!!!

Written on Jan. 17, 2014
Wedding Date: Sep, 2011
Cartagena, Bolivar, Colombia
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If I will be you I will definetly go with people that actually had a wedding in Cartagena in order to have an honest view and opinion of what's really the best choices in Cartagena. I have notice 90% of this replies are for vendors than only want you as a client. Like the one below.
Just do what I did; I used an excellent hotel that already has people willing to help with everything with out extra expenses like the vendors that offer their service, beside that read the reviews and go for the best cake person and who ever may suit you for your plans.
I did learn something after my wedding in Cartagena the good vendors don't advertised in this websites they had good reviews.
My wedding was 74 people from all over the world and the cost was 55.000 k for 3 days of consecutively party( 3 formal events)and no wedding planner since they will charge 10 to 15% of the value of the event; money that I used to get more things for my guess like welcome bags an a chiva rental or party bus.
If you choose a good place base on reviews they will totally guide you trough your planning and recommend the best vendors.
Remember they have seen it all and they know who the best and the more reliable people in town.
Save your money and deal directly with the hotel and call the vendors you may think fit you the best for your budget.
Good luck

Written on Jan. 17, 2014
Wedding Date: Jul, 2012
Cartagena, Bolivar, Colombia
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Hello, if you are planning a wedding on the beach I will recommend an island rather than at the city as the ocean will be way nicer. When we have our wedding, we did a day trip to http://www.gentedemarresort.com/ with our guest and the island is beautiful and free of vendors, I'm sure they could help you to plan your wedding there, however, I think the cost will be much more than a regular wedding.
For our wedding, we hired http://www.banquetesmonicadelrisco.com/eventos.html for the catering and Monica helped us a lot with great yeas for events and many other things we needed for the wedding. A family member helped me as wedding planner and it is certainly a vital part for the wedding.
About where to stay, we had the same issue, lots of people coming from overseas, we rented La Casa Conde de Pestagua and split the cost within the 25 people that stay there and it made everything much easier, plus the service at the house is absolutely amazing, we also did the wedding at the house. For our wedding, we went for the colonial style wedding type and we have 5 days events planned for the 25 guest including city tour, china bus, trip to the island and Party Boat for all wedding guest (150 people after we started with a list of 50 people).
A wedding in Cartagena is an amazing memory but it is costly, I would recommend that you extend your budget a little bit more and book things with enough time to get better deals.
Congratulations on your engagement and good luck planning your wedding!

Written on Jan. 18, 2014

Hello, as a Photographer i would recommend some choices that we have taken pictures there and are preaty nice

Karmairi Boutique Hotel

Sunset Beach

Written on Jan. 18, 2014

Hi JD. I got married in San Andrés and if you are looking for a beach wedding in Colombia that would be the BEST location. It doesn't cost any more to fly there than it does to Cartagena, the services are more affordable and the beaches are amazing. I just wrote a blog about my wedding experience there if you want to check it out. I list vendors and everything I used. For your budget you can have something incredible there. http://www.cdp-weddings.com/#!Getting-Married-on-San-Andrs-Island/c1mp1/1

Written on Jul. 23, 2014
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Hello, the best option for you wedding in the beach is in BELLA NOVIA EVENTOS Y ETIQUETA, the services are amazing, bellanoviaeventos@hotmail.com
the beach is beautifull, and private.Its is a Good place ¡

Written on Sep. 15, 2014


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