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Not what I envisioned, help!

Wedding Date: Aug, 2013
Fort Bragg, CA, USA
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O.K. So I picked Fort Bragg, Ca because I love it, I go every year. I chose to have it there because of the beautiful locations. I called the Mendocino Park district and was given the choices of what locations I can choose from. Not any of my choices :( now I feel my whole purpose of getting married in Fort Bragg is defeated and I am very sad about it. Even though I go every year, I do have my favorite spots and never been to the choices they have. So they have the Pudding Creek Beach (the side that I don't like), it looks dirty and the water never looks pretty (more on the green color). I do not want my guests especially everyone who is flying out, to experience that part! I also don't want my wedding memory photos to be there! lol, Has anyone or does anyone know of wedding who have been there and if so, do you have pictures? Maybe I just went in the wrong times when it wasn't pretty? Any suggestions? HELP....

Posted in Fort Bragg, CA, USA
Written on Mar. 19, 2013


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I understand your apprehension and concern with Pudding Creek...
My wife and I are wedding photographers here in Mendocino and have photographer many weddings at different locations in the area. I have to say, none at Pudding Creek but, people do use it for a ceremony location.
I have to agree with what you said about the look of it.
Now, that said, there are a lot of beautiful locations and beaches that you can use for your wedding ceremony.
You may want to consider going south of Fort Bragg a little and using a bluff or beach around the town of Mendocino, like Big River Beach, Portaguese Beach, the Mendocino Overlook, Cypress Grove or the headlands.
Also, there is an amazingly beaurptiful bluff overlooking the coast at the Fort Bragg Botanical Garden (you may have to pay a small fee to be there)...
In short, keep searching, there are lots of areas that are open access and lots of other state park areas, too.
You can go to our website and see examples of all the locations I listed and then go to our "client galleries" link and look at a gallery called "Location Samples"; the photos are all labeled with their locations.
Glass Slipper Photography http://www.glassslipper.biz
Good luck with your search and best wishes!


Baqi & Natalia
Glass Slipper Photography of Mendocino

Written on Mar. 20, 2013
Wedding Date: Aug, 2013
Fort Bragg, CA, USA
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Thank You for the advice and tips! I will look around :) I hope to find something quickly. It's such a headache to do this from far away! Not as easy as I thought, lol.

Written on Mar. 20, 2013


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