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Venues in Athens

Wedding Date: Sep, 2015
Athens, Greece
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I am looking for a venue / hotel in Athens, near the sea and that accept 70 people for a Friday without any charge.... It is difficult to find something like that.
I already wrote mail to some venues like Island, but I have to pay a charge of 6000 euros if I want to get married the weekend...
Thank you for your help.


Posted in Athens, Greece
Written on Jun. 22, 2014


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Wedding Date: Jun, 2008
Athens, Greece
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Hi Stephanie - Congrats on your upcoming nuptials - kala stefana, as they'd say in Greece.

The challenge that you'll have with most places is that they'd typically might need to close the venue to the public for your wedding and doing that on a Friday night is a very costly endeavor.

Now to help out with some recommendations, can I ask you for some details?

- How many guests?
- What is your per guest or total budget range just for the venue/food?
- What kind of look/feel are you looking for?
- Do you want to literally see the water or be near the water?
- How far from Athens are able to go? (i.e.. are most of your guests local or will they need a place close to their hotel?)
- Would you consider something not on the Glyfada/Barkiza side?

With some answers, I'll review the options I'd considered and ask a few Athens-based friends for ideas for you.


Written on Jun. 22, 2014
Wedding Date: Sep, 2015
Athens, Greece
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Hello Effie,

Thank you very much for your quick answer.

- We will be about 70 people (since some of our family come from abroad and from allover Greece, we do not know yet the exact number of guest)
- For the venue and the food, we have a budget of 15'000 euros.
- I would like to find a cosy place.. it could be a private house or a very charming venue.
- I would like to be near the water, BUT if I find a beautiful place where we can see it from far... why not. I am open.
- My guest will come from Athens and from abroad. So I would like them to sleep not too far from the place of the party... Maybe not more than 30-40 min by car.
- I am open for every venue that I will like.... I just want to find a nice place :)

Thank you very much for your help, looking forward to hearing from you.


Written on Jun. 22, 2014


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