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Photographer Review: Scade?

Edmonton Bride

Has anyone used Scade photography for their wedding, or heard any reviews of their work?

Posted in Edmonton, AB, Canada
Written on Mar. 17, 2011


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Wedding Date: May, 2011
Edmonton, AB, Canada
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I'm using Scade Photography for my upcoming wedding in May! We had our engagement photos taken as part of the package back in August and they turned out great; and Shaun and Steph are both really nice, laid back, and easy to get along with.

Scade was recommended to me by a friend of our family (another former professional photographer) and I've had no complaints so far. I looked at a lot of photography portfolios and Scade was one of the ones that had the diverse selection of shots I was going for. For a full-day wedding package, they charge pretty much in the same area that other (good) professional photographers charge. Overall, I'd recommend them.

(I've attached an example of one of our engagement photos.) Good luck~

- Brenna

Written on Mar. 18, 2011
Edmonton Bride

Ooo--I recognize you guys from the website! Excellent, I'm glad you liked them--thanks for the review! I'm meeting with them next week, fingers crossed that they're a good fit! And I'll keep my eye on the website for your wedding pictures, I'm sure they'll be gorgeous!

Written on Mar. 19, 2011

We also used Scade. They did a great job, and I would definitely recommend them.

Written on Mar. 25, 2011
Wedding Date: Jun, 2011
Edmonton, AB, Canada

Yes! Used them for our wedding June 2011. They were great! They had 2 photographers (2 pros, not 1 pro and an assistant) with us the entire day, took photos discreetly - but somehow managed to be there for all moments, the 'formal' photos looked wonderful but so did all the other impromptu ones. I just emailed Steph the other day to tell her that after seeing some friends' photos and looking back through our photobook I'm even more happy with how things turned out. They provided us with so many pictures - you can tell that they take even more than they give you - because the pictures really did capture people in their best moments (took the time and effort to make sure that when they took pictures of people they looked good - no awkward expressions or half-closed eyes or things like that).

They take the time to get the photos of you and your husband/wife - there were tons of photos of just us - the posed ones, the photojournalist-style ones, etc.. But, what I realized after looking at our book again the other day was they also took SO MANY great photos of all our guests, and the two of us interacting with our guests. For my husband and I, it was a special day, but in the end it was always about sharing that day with those that were important to us, and the Scades definitely captured that with their photos.

I can't recommend them enough!

Written on Jan. 25, 2012
Edmonton Bride

Thank you for the lovely reviews and all your wonderful opinions! I have booked the Scades and can't wait to see how the pictures turn out!

Written on Jan. 25, 2012


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